Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Puffy Muffin and a Playdate

Evie and I are really enjoying our long mornings since my sweet girl has been waking up an hour earlier all week. By 10:00, we are both ready for a change of scenery. We made a quick trip to Harris Teeter this morning. Then, made a beeline across the street to Hot Pink and Puffy Muffin. Evie seems like such a big girl walking into the store holding my hand. I told her that she could have any cookie that she wanted and she selected a pumpkin cookie complete with orange frosting. Evie is our little cookie monster.

   We had Kindermusik this morning and Evie walks in like she knows just what to do. She started saying "wa wa" in the parking lot because she loves Ms. Jan's water fountain. We had a fun class and the kids are really getting to know each other. I just love this girl Jane in the class. She looks quite vintage and is so adorable. Jane was so proud to have her baby brother in class today and kept asking us if he wanted to see her baby. Of course, Evie was ready to see Henry.

    Evie crashed and I cleaned the house a bit for our play date. Evie was excited to see her friends but was tuckered out by the end. Amanda and Carol are back to work now so we do late afternoon play dates. It turns out that Evie was hungry so I fed her some dinner and that perked her up back up.

   Carl came home which made Evie's day and mine too. I was ready for a little break. We are watching the CMA's now and it's so cool to think this is happening in our town!

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  1. Okay ... I am officially homesick! Sounds like a perfect TN day!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,


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