Thursday, November 18, 2010

MMO and Meal Swap

It has been a cold and blustery day with not even a hint of sunshine. Evie got to wear her new precious coat to school this morning. She had fun with her friends and when I picked her up she was busy putting Raffi in and out of the mailbox. I went to 'Tis the Season at The Factory to see what type of gifts I could cross off my list. There were lots of cute things!

  Evie and I came home for a little playtime before lunch. We both napped and then I made the baked ziti for the meal swap. Evie woke up with a fever which makes me nervous since it's so rare for her. She has only had a fever a handful of times in her life. I gave her some fever medication and then we headed out the door to swap meals with the other moms. Kids stay in the car and we just switch really fast so Evie enjoyed sipping on her water-juice while I picked up my meals.

   We came home and Evie was feeling much better already. She was so excited when her Daddy got home from work. They had a sweet reunion this morning but she was even happier to see him this afternoon because she knew he was home from work. She was intent on showing Carl her little person that she made at Brilliant Sky. Evie is so proud of it and has shown it to every person that has been in our house this week.

   We had our first meal tonight. It was minestrone soup and shredded beef sandwiches. Delicious and so simple since all I had to do was heat it up. I love meal swapping!


  1. Envious of your meal swap! What a treat! Hope Miss Evie's fever has gone away!

  2. wish i was a good enouch cook to join in on a meal swap ha ha!

    she is just so cute. hope she is feeling well.


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