Tuesday, November 16, 2010

22 Months Old!

Evelyn Claire, you are 22 Months old today! Only two more months until you turn 2. It's been another amazing month with you in our family. Daddy and I love you so much. You are at such a fun age right now. Everyday, you learn new words and you are able to communicate your needs to us most of the time. I love hearing your sweet little voice saying new things. My favorite thing you say is "unh unh and okay." Everything is always okay except when it is not. You like to buckle your baby but you call it "guckle." Blocks are your favorite and we build lots of castles. You have an excellent memory and can recall so many experiences. We pulled in the garage this morning and you pointed at the rake and announced rake to me. You are a good little raker and like to help your Daddy in the yard.

    You weigh about 28 pounds and wear 24 month clothes. Your hair is still blond and your eyes are very blue. You love your baby dolls and take such good care of them. We went to a playdate this morning and they had a baby girl. You rotated your baby in and out of every single baby station and changed your baby when the real baby was being changed. You crouch down really close to your baby and say the funniest things. Sometimes, it's like we are running an in-home daycare because you spend a lot of time feeding, changing, holding your babies. Baby sits in the highchair when you are not using it and you are very careful to "guckle" her in so she will be safe.

  Shoes are your favorite accessory. We change shoes multiple times throughout the day and you are already very opinionated about what shoes work best with your outfits. Sometimes, we even agree on your choice. I have started hiding your shoes so we can eliminate so much time on wardrobe changes. It's so fun to have a little girl to buy pretty clothes for and I love that you love pretty clothes. Now, it's time for Mommy to get some pretty clothes too.

You are still a really good eater and love to eat what we are eating. Pizza is a popular choice and you have started picking off the pepperoni. Juice boxes are popular too and make for a special treat. Bedtime is at 7 and you wake up at 7 . . . most of the time. Naptime is three hours and you go down without a fuss ready to see your Raffi and blanket.

    Reading books is one of our most special times. You take a pile of books and cuddle up on our bed ready to read to your baby. You will sit on the bed for thirty minutes just happy as can be with your books. I love to see you enjoying books so much and hope it continues throughout your life.

         I love how you scrunch up your nose when you smile. You have really learned to ham it up and can make us laugh so easily. Music makes you throw your arms up in the air and you start showing off your moves. It's really cute to see this and it happens in the car, the mall, anywhere there is music. You make the same sound between songs every time and you are always so relieved to hear another song come on so you can keep dancing.

    Out is one of your most common words and it means out and off in your language. You tell me "out" when you want your clothes off or want down from your highchair. We love to hear you say "please" and you are like most toddlers and think your wish should be granted if you use that special word. Most of the time, we cannot resist that sweet little smile and your adorable voice saying please. Our new neighbors are really fun and you like the big boy a lot. He goes to preschool the same day you do and we always see them leaving. I told you that Christian was going to school too and you said, "bye boy." So cute! Evie, you can pick out every school within a 5 mile radius of our house.

    You call yourself "Eh E" and use your name in conversation with your baby. I love to hear you say your own name. You certainly hear it enough throughout the day. Evie, couches are for sitting. Evie, feet on the floor. Evie, hitting hurts. Evie, eat your lunch. Evie, I love you so much! You have caught on to your name and it makes me so happy.    You are mostly outgoing but have some struggles with people who get in your space especially men. A man entered what you had determined was your personal space yesterday and it made you so uncomfortable that you started crying and the man felt so badly. Baby Girl, you have to realize that you are not the only person in the world  and people are allowed to look at items on the shelf near where you are standing in the store. Mommy always tries to make you feel better when you are worried.

   We have noticed that you are becoming very aware of your surroundings and what happens in our house. Daddy made his coffee the other morning and forgot to take it with him on his way out the door. You shouted "tea" to remind him to pick up his cup. All hot drinks are tea. You are so thoughtful to help us remember to put the towel under your highchair and know that it has to be there before you can eat. It's so funny to see you put your sippycup on a coaster just like your parents. Nana bought you a College of Charleston shirt before you were even born. You wore it today and I told you all about it.  Later, we were reading a book Good Night, Charleston and you pointed at your shirt every time I said Charleston. You pick up things very quickly and are so very smart.

    What a delightful daughter you are! We are absolutely smitten with you and could not love you more if we tried. Everyday, we find something new to love about you and spend our days showing you that we will always have unconditional love for you. That means even if you dye your hair purple, we will still love you more than you will ever know. Let's be honest though, I would not be too excited about seeing your beautiful blond hair in any hue of purple.

    Evie, you are such a blessing and we thank God for you every single day. It continues to be an honor to be your parents. We look forward to the next month with you. The months keep going faster and faster but they are guaranteed to be full of adventure with you.

Love Always,

Mommy and Daddy


  1. Happy 22 months, Evie! You always get me excited about all the fun things to come!

  2. Love this post! I think these are some of the cutest pictures of Evie!!! She sounds like so much fun....and what a SMART girl!


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