Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

We had a fun weekend and are really enjoying  being home for such a good stretch. It has been pretty cold around 30 degrees in the morning which caused us to skip our trip to the Farmer's Market. That's a little too cold for me to walk around picking out veggies and baked goods.

   We made a Home Depot run for some new plants and flowers. Evie had a ball being in her "cart" and gazing at the Christmas trees. After naptime, we went outside to plant everything. and then our neighbor came over with his son. I took Christian and Evie to play in the backyard. Christian was so excited when we walked in our garage. He said," Evie, I love your tractor." That just cracked me up hearing those words out of this little boys mouth. He told me that it was John Deere and he was just happy as a lark to sit on it in the garage. It had never even occured to Evie to sit on the tractor. Evie and Christian had so much fun playing together. Two other girls came over to play too so that was fun for Evie.

        Evie woke up late this morning but went down for her nap early. Let's hope the time change is easy for her. We are not expecting it to be a big deal since she is used to traveing between Eastern time and Central time but the sun is a lot different here this time of year. It was pitch black at 5:00.

     We took Evie to the zoo to see the owls. She was so happy to see all the animals and told them all "hi" while trying to kiss the cow. They have a large farmhouse which Evie refers to as a castle. She loved hanging out in the petting zoo and had fun brushing the baby animals. We took her to the Jungle Gym at the zoo for the first time and the swings were a hit. She loves the big girl swings but it makes me so nervous. Evie enjoyed watching the monkeys swing from the trees and kept yelling "whee whee" as they dangled from the branches.

      Evie is just so much fun right now! We are having the best time hanging out with her. She is talking up a storm and putting lots of two word sentences together. I was preparing her dinner while she watched the race with Carl. She ran into the kitchen with her baby and pulled me into the den while telling me " see show." Of course, I went with her even though racing is not my thing. Carl dressed her for bed and I rocked her for a really long time. I love that she lets me hold her and kiss her so much.


  1. LOVE your hair...looks fabulous! I mean REALLY..she is soooo freaking precious!!!

  2. So cute! You got some great shots at the the expressions on evie's face - priceless! :)


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