Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Evie is 5.5

Dear Evie,

     You are 5.5! I just cannot believe how big you are getting. You are filled with joy and laughter. Life is more fun with you around! You are definitely my little sidekick keeping me company and going with me on girls trips. It has been a wonderful 5.5 years having you home with me. 

You like to sleep late - most days you wake up around 8 or 8:30. That is going to change soon but it has been nice. You still drink your chocolate milk and watch a tv show when you wake up. Three Raffi's keep you company on the couch and in your bed. You love animals, still have a BIG heart for the homeless and do not miss anything. You are quite observant and have an incredible memory. You swim like a fish, maneuver the monkey bars just like a monkey and are the world's best mommy to your cadre of babies. 

You are about to start kindergarten in just a few weeks. It is bittersweet for me. I am so excited for you to begin your school career but feeling apprehensive about how much I am going to miss you. It will be a long wait for me until 4:15! Henry is going to have a difficult time too. He starts asking if we can pick you up before you have been gone two hours. It's going to be a BIG adjustment for us all! You are ready though and will take kindergarten by storm. We picked out your first day of school dress and it is smocked! I love it and you do too but I know this will be the last first day of school that you wear a smocked dress. 

Evie you are the perfect daughter for our family! We love you so much and love watching you grow up. You are the best of me and Daddy. We love seeing the world through your eyes. 

Things you Love: Chocolate, ice-cream, playing with friends, your dolls, trying new things, playing school and drawing. 

I was feeling a little short on words so I interviewed you.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A rockstar and a "spyer." Daddy says I am a good spy but we have to find the perfect outfit.

What is your favorite color? Pink - you know that silky!

What is your favorite fruit? Strawberries and blueberries

What is your favorite vegetable? Broccoli and carrots with ranch - I like crunchy stuff

What do you like to do with Daddy? Go running with him. I am really fast at running.

What is your favorite thing to do with Mommy? Going on dates like shopping and to get ice-cream

What do you like most about having a brother? Reading books to him and loving him. He likes kisses a lot and he plays with me.

What is the worst part about having a brother? He comes in my room to do stuff to me when I want to play by myself. 

What do you like to do in your room? Play with my dolls, draw pictures and play Barbies. I make a lot of mess but it is fun. 

Who are your favorite friends? I like all my friends. They are all great and pretty!

Where do you want to go on a trip? California and Disney World

What do you like to do? Swim, play with my cousins and eat ice-cream 

What do you want to learn in kindergarten? How to read and do mathes!

If you had a dog, what would you name it? Rosie or Caroline. Maybe Suzy or Peppa.

Best part of summer? - Being in the sun but with sunscreen. I do not want to get burned up.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Henry's 3rd Letter!

Dear Henry,

     You are three years old and have been for several weeks! You are all boy and in perpetual motion. You still want to be a "wittle baby" and like to be carried by anyone including Evie. You like to know what is going to happen and are not a big fan of change. You do not want to start the Panda class at preschool. You want to be in the Koala class still. Sorry, bud, three years old are in the Panda class. 

In Nashville, most people hold back their babies with summer birthdays even our pediatrician recommends summer birthday kids wait on kindergarten. I am already on the fence about this because I want you and Evie two years apart in school. Only time, will tell what we decide about this. I will say that as I prepare to send Evie to kindergarten - it sure would be nice to have another year with her but that is what is best for me. I have to do what is best for you but the good news is that I have some time to ponder. 

You are super smart and know way more at age 3 than your sister did. You remember everything and have an excellent vocabulary. So funny, that last year this time we were worried about your speech. Now, you never stop talking!

You are a Mama's boy and always want me. You stick close to me even in social situations - if you venture away from me it is not for long. You are content at camp, school and nursery. Babysitters are a treat but if Mama is around - you want me. Sometimes this drives me crazy and other times I just soak it in that you love me so deeply. I read a quote the other day that I will never again be this loved and it made me teary. That's true so even when I just want to be by myself - I need to enjoy my little shadow. 

You love to eat or snack! Favorites are blueberries, hummus and apples. Red chips are a treat - Doritos. You have a sweet tooth just like your sister and Mama. Ice cream is your favorite dessert! You are a tiny little thing only weighing 29 pounds. 

You do not especially love sleeping. Mostly because you are having some night terrors. I'll be glad when this phase is over! You were up for 2. 5 hours last night worried about a witch in your room. You are not a napper anymore - only once or twice a week. You sleep late a few mornings a week when you get exhausted from trying to keep up with your sister. 

You love Evie with all of your heart! She is your "favorite friend" and you are going to marry her one day. Evie suggested that you might change your mind and that really ticked you off. You get jealous of Evie's other friends and really try to keep her attention on you. I hear about "my Evie" all the time. You miss her so much when she is gone and are going to have a BIG adjustment when she goes to Kindergarten. You have already told me you do not want her to go to Kindergarten. 

You love watching shows - Paw Patrol and Jake are your favorites. You like trucks and cars. Playing outside is your favorite especially in the sand box. You love books and playing pretend games with your sister. 

Henry, we love you to the moon and back. You are the perfect boy for our family. God gave us a wonderful gift - that gift is YOU! We are so thankful to have you as our son. 

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Henry Turns 3!

We had a terrific day celebrating Henry's third birthday! How this kid can be 3 already? I have not figured that out yet!

We got a slow start this morning but left around 9:30 after presents and doughnuts.  Our destination was Fall Creek Falls. Gorgeous waterfalls! We enjoyed the scenery and played in the swimming hole.  I always have a BIG awakening that I live in Tennessee when we leave our county. Whoa, we saw some characters! Evie is a mountain goat even on slippery rocks and was the family champ at navigating the waters. Henry was content stacking stones. What a gorgeous day!

After the waterfall, we decided to check out Cumberland Caverns. What a treat to spend the afternoon underground while getting a nice workout - 350 stairs! Henry's feet did not touch the cavern floor until the end when they needed a volunteer to shimmy through a box. Both of our kids were up for the challenge. Henry asked the tour guide where the kitchen was in the cave. He found out there was not a kitchen so he invited her to our house. Henry already likes the pretty girls! Evie thought every thing about the cave was hilarious and is such a nature girl.  The tour guide led our group in singing Happy Birthday to Henry! He loved it! 

We stopped for Mexican on the way home. Cheese dip and margaritas never tasted so good! Henry was excited about the cookie cake for dessert - so excited that he had two huge pieces. Birthdays are special - two pieces of cookie cake at 9:00 sounds about right!

We love our sweet boy so much and had a blast exploring some cool Tennessee spots on his special day!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Henry's 3rd Birthday Party

Sweet Henry is almost 3 and we celebrated early with a party at My Gym. They do an amazing birthday party without any parent help - love that!!!

Henry had a blast and enjoyed himself so much. He even came and sat with me during circle time. That made me happy. Henry thought it was wonderful to have all of his friends in one spot. He best little friends are Anderson and Nicholas - they were both in attendance! Of course, we were thrilled to have  everyone there to celebrate our little Henry!

One of the preschool teachers made the cupcakes for me and they were delicious! Chocolate with blue frosting - Henry's choice. 

Party favors were simple - pirate booty, pirate stamps and stickers and lollipops. Henry eats a lollipop every single day.

Henry thought opening presents was super fun and was really excited to get pool toys along with lots of other cool stuff. We have enjoyed building with squglies, playing Sneaky Squirrel and playing outside with all the new toys. 

What a terrific third birthday party! Still cannot believe my baby boy will be 3 on Saturday.