Saturday, July 5, 2014

Henry Turns 3!

We had a terrific day celebrating Henry's third birthday! How this kid can be 3 already? I have not figured that out yet!

We got a slow start this morning but left around 9:30 after presents and doughnuts.  Our destination was Fall Creek Falls. Gorgeous waterfalls! We enjoyed the scenery and played in the swimming hole.  I always have a BIG awakening that I live in Tennessee when we leave our county. Whoa, we saw some characters! Evie is a mountain goat even on slippery rocks and was the family champ at navigating the waters. Henry was content stacking stones. What a gorgeous day!

After the waterfall, we decided to check out Cumberland Caverns. What a treat to spend the afternoon underground while getting a nice workout - 350 stairs! Henry's feet did not touch the cavern floor until the end when they needed a volunteer to shimmy through a box. Both of our kids were up for the challenge. Henry asked the tour guide where the kitchen was in the cave. He found out there was not a kitchen so he invited her to our house. Henry already likes the pretty girls! Evie thought every thing about the cave was hilarious and is such a nature girl.  The tour guide led our group in singing Happy Birthday to Henry! He loved it! 

We stopped for Mexican on the way home. Cheese dip and margaritas never tasted so good! Henry was excited about the cookie cake for dessert - so excited that he had two huge pieces. Birthdays are special - two pieces of cookie cake at 9:00 sounds about right!

We love our sweet boy so much and had a blast exploring some cool Tennessee spots on his special day!

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  1. Happy birthday Henry!! Can't believe you are 3 already!!!


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