Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hanging out at Home

I did not post any pictures yesterday! OOPS! We had a busy day and I had a MNO to 1808 Grille which was so fun with some mom friends. I did not get home until 11 which is WAY past my bedtime so I posted a few extra pictures tonight.

Evie and I had a great day. She had MMO this morning which always makes for a fun morning for us both. It's crazy how fast those three hours go by and it's time to go get my sweet girl. She always spots me at the door even if I am behind the other mommies. It's hilarious how she makes a bee line right over to me. I LOVE it!

  Evie has had [practically nothing to eat today. She is just not interested which means that she may be ravenous tomorrow. She had a few cheerios, some crackers, a cookie at Harris Teeter, several peas and half of a banana. That's not typical for my little eating machine.

    We made a quick trip to Harris Teeter for some brickle bits.  It's so hard to find those little toffee bits without the chocolate. Kristin made this delicious toffee dip for apples and I decided it would be perfect to serve at my play date. It's easy to make: 8oz. of cream cheese, 1/3 cup of brown sugar, 1/2 cup of white sugar. Blend with a mixer. Add a teaspoon of vanilla and stir in some brickle. It's super good and relatively healthy since you dip with apples. That of course cancels out the sugar and cream. Then, we met Carl at the jeep dealership. My car needed a few things done so we figured now was as good as any other time.

   The frog humidifier is still causing some concern around our house. Evie just cannot decide if she likes it or not. She kisses it and talks about frog all day but when it comes time to sleep in her crib right next to the frog all bets are off. She told Carl "out" tonight and he told her that she needed the frog to get better. He pitifully came down the stairs to tell me that we needed to take it out since it's scaring her for some reason. So, it looks like we are the proud new owners of a frog humidifier and Evie will be using our discreet white humidifier in her room. The things we do for our children and I have a feeling this is only the beginning!

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  1. Evie is such a pretty little girl! She is starting to look so old! That's too cute about the frog humidifier. Aubrey is the same way - she notices immediately if anything is different or not in it's usual place. I think she's inherited her daddy's Type A personality. Ha!


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