Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Evie woke up asking for cookies this morning. I reminded Evie that we do not eat cookies for breakfast while rubbing her soft little face. She was so sweet rubbing my face softly and while continuing to ask for a cookie. That kid loves her cookies!

   Evie went to Drop and Shop at MMO and I was able to cross a few people off my list. It's so much easier to shop without my sweet little Evie but not nearly as entertaining. Evie was very excited to go to school this morning and seemed to know it was a little out of the ordinary. We got dressed upstairs and I told her it was time to go. That upset her and she started crying while pointing at her feet since she did not have her shoes on. I guess she thought that she was going to school without shoes. Not a good idea when it's 25 degrees outsisde. We went downstairs to get shoes and coats and she kept saying go to me. I told her we'd go in a minute- then she said, "i said go." Pretty cute coming out of her little mouth but I cannot belive the sassy behavior is already starting!

   Naotime was not successful again and I had to rock her but I figured out the problem. Her cough is keeping her from sleeping! She will sleep when I hold her which is TOTALLY out of our range of normal but as soon as she is laying flat her cough bothers her too much to sleep. She slept for a little bit but mostly coughed. We are going to the doctor in the morning!

   Evie woke up on the wrong side of the crib. She sat on my lap and drank some hot apple cider to help her throat and I sang her a few Christmas songs. We went to our neighbors for dinner and it was delicious! I posted the recipe below. YUMMY!!!We had a great time and Evie just loves playing with the boys so much.

   Evie coughed herself to sleep and I tried to clean up my wreck of a house. It's so bad right now and I need to get it together so I can start wrapping presents.

Chicken tarragon with bow ties:

1 lb bowtie pasta (or penne)

2 tbs olive oil

3 ounces proscuitto, chopped fine

8 oz boneless skinless chicken breasts cut into thin strips

1 cup heavy cream (I used to use light when I could find it and it turns out the same)

1 cup grated parmesan cheese

1/4 cup chopped sun dried tomatoes, packed in oil, drained

1 tbs fresh chopped tarragon or 1 tsp dried

Cook bowtie pasta according to package directions. In a medium skillet heat olive oil and saute proscuitto briefly. Add the chicken and cook over low heat for a couple of minutes: stir in the cream, cheese, sundried tomatoes, and taragon and cook 5 minutes over low heat. Do not allow sauce to boil.Drain pasta well and place in serving dish. Add sauce and toss. Sprinkle add'l cheese to taste.

I probably use double the tarragon that this recipe calls for ( I usually use dried), and I sometimes add a little milk or half and half to boost the amount of sauce. It's one of those recipes that it almost always tastes the same even if I don't measure exactly.


  1. Evy has a cough too! Isn't this the cutest age?!

  2. I hope Evie's cough gets better soon! It's SO frustrating when they are tired but can't sleep because of a cough :( NO FUN!


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