Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Soup

Evie and I had a lazy day at home enjoying the snow. It sure is beautiful but so cold that it's impossible to play outside for too long. We mostly admired it from inside the house! Evie saw Campbell and Christian outside playing and decided we should go too. My sweet girl moves like a turtle so by the time we got outside they had already gone inside. Evie had fun twirling around in the snow, playing in her snowy house and checking out the temperature of the snow on her hand. We came inside to warm up with some hot apple cider.

   Evie entertained herself with a craft project, some play-dough, reading books and taking care of her baby. We made some snow cream but it quickly turned to snow soup. Evie had fun drinking it with a straw.

    Evie was so excited to see her Daddy come home. He was gone an entire week on business and she is so happy that he is home tonight with her. They put out some salt on the steps and did a few things outside. I asked Evie if she wanted to come inside but she liked it out there. A cold night calls for some extra warm and comforting for dinner so I made chicken pot pie. Carl and I thought it was delicious but Evie could not decide. She liked it best off my fork while sitting on my lap after she had finished her own plate. That Evie sure is funny!


  1. as always, great pictures! i love how evie is feeding her baby and putting her in the chair :)
    it is freezing here, too....but, no snow. just flurries all day long and ridiculous wind. :/

  2. Evie is such a good mommy to her baby! She has a great role model in you, Jennifer!


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