Thursday, December 16, 2010

23 Months Old!

Dear Evie,

   You are 23 months old today! It's amazing to see you change by the minute. Some things never change, you still love your babies, Raffi goes everywhere (and I really do mean everywhere) with us and you make us laugh all day long.

   You weigh about 28 pounds. Daddy thinks you get taller every day. You can see right over the kitchen table now, We can remember when you could walk under it.

    You have learned to point out things as your own. Eh- e's cookies, Eh-e's toy, Eh-e's shoes! You also know what objects belong to Mommy and Daddy. It's so cold that we always wear our coats and you always say "Mommy coat" when I put your coat on so that I will not forget my own coat.

       School is really fun for you! I hear about school all week. It's so cute to see you walking down the hall to your classroom with your backpack on your back and Raffi in your arms. You went right into your classroom this morning and waved "bye-bye" to me.That made me so happy that you were so happy to be at school.

     You are still a great sleeper! Bedtime is at 7 and you have been waking up between 8 and 8:30 for the past two weeks. Let's keep it up! Mommy loves this especially when Daddy is out of town and I can sleep late too. Naptime was crazy last week because of your coughing but you are back on track with your three hour naps. Mommy loves this time and would appreciate it greatly if you could keep it up until you go to Kindergarten.

      Some days you eat and some days you do not! It's so amusing because you more than make up for the lack of eating on the days you do eat. You can eat more than me when you set your mind to it.

        Snow is one of your new favorite words. You had so much fun playing in the snow and point out snow in your books and magazines. We made cookies this afternoon and you were convinced that the flour was snow.

     You do everything we do from reading the newspaper to trimming your fingernails. I love to see you put your contact lenses in your eyes and drink your coffee in the morning, Sometimes you prefer tea but you love to refer to your drinks as coffee. I must say, "it's okay" a lot because you say it all day long and can tell if it's not okay. Then you say," Mommy okay?"

       Evie, you are talking in sentences quite a bit. Some of my favorites are: "I said out.", "Mmm, that's good.", and "I see lights."

    We took you to see Santa and you were not exactly thrilled to be there! Ho Ho is on your mind and you talk about him all the time. You point Santa out everywhere you see him and love that he is riding on a John Deere at a house nearby. Christmas is going to be really fun with you! I sing you Christmas songs before you go to sleep and it always makes me teary. Those words are so much more meaningful now that I am your mother. You have figured out that I am singing Christmas songs because you ask for "Ho Ho" when I sing so I always throw in a round of Must be Santa or Santa Clause is coming to Town. I just love rocking you and holding you! It's such a sweet time for me at the end of the day. All the colorful lights have captured your attention and you love seeing all the light displays. You have two nativity sets that keep you quite entertained. You can identify a few of the pieces and like to put both of the Baby Jesus figurines in the same nativity set. Mommy loves Christmas cards and you do too! We sit on the kitchen floor every afternoon and look through all of our cards. It's so fun to see your reaction to the different families. You love the baby cards best!

       Evie, you are so special to us in so many ways. We are so thankful for your health, your lively personality and your kindness to others. We cannot get enough your hugs and kisses and constant cuddles. We feel so privileged to have you as our precious daughter! You are loved by so many and have brought joy to everyone in your life. Can you believe that the next letter that I write will be to my 2 year old daughter? Time is going by so quickly and we are filling up on memories that will last us a lifetime. Precious, amazing memories of being your parents! We are having a ball living life with you.


Mommy and Daddy

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  1. I look forward to reading each of Evie's monthly posts. Your love for her come through so much in your writing and usually makes me teary too! Happy 23 months to Evie!


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