Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another cold day!

Not too much to say but it's still so cold! Evie and I braved the cold to go to Kindermusik. It was fun to sing Christmas songs and give some cookies to Mrs. Jan. Evie is still really into the water fountain and had to leave class for a minute to get a sip of water.

   Evie loves to flush the toilet. She flushed it one too many times this morning and caused it to overflow. Super Mom was able to unclog it using my handy-dandy plunger. Evie kept asking "okay, Mommy" the whole time because she was not sure about what was going on and she probably had a pretty good idea that she was somehow involved.

    Evie slept until 4:30 this afternoon which is way later than normal. I let her keep sleeping because Carl was driving back from North Carolina and I wanted her to see him. She had fun helping me make potato soup for dinner and she had some dessert while we ate dinner. I am so glad that Carl made it back safely and that we are not having the ice storm that was predicted. Carl has been drilling me for days about my plan in case of ice and loss of power. Not sure he was too impressed when he asked me what I would do if the power went out and I told him that Evie and I would sleep in our bed with the electric blanket. OOPS, I forgot that the power would be out in this scenario. We made a new plan but I am hoping that the power stays on so that my heat keeps working.


  1. Stay warm! We are expecting winter weather too but hopefully no ice. I like to have weather plans also but haven't done much thinking yet. As I admired Evie's snow attire in the last few days I realized that I might want to look into some for Avery. Love the owls today!

  2. haha, that might have been my response too! Although our feather duvet is plenty warm that we don't even have an electric blanket.

  3. Love the owl sweater! I can't believe how grown up she looks!

  4. Too funny about her flushing the toilet too many times! I'm pretty sure I did that when I was little too! :P


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