Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Recap

We had a pretty crazy drive to my parent's house and saw enough snow to last us for a long time. Evie was so excited to see her Nana and Ipop. We think it is so amazing how she knows just where we are as soon as we get to their neighborhood. We had a quick dinner before opening presents. Evie received lots of wonderful items. My parents gave her a Bitty Baby and she gasped when she saw it. That was pretty cute! My brother gave her a huge stuffed springer spaniel and a food cutting kit. Evie was so happy with all of her new toys.

We woke up the next morning and got ready for the day. My grandmother and aunt came over for lunch. Evie got even more presents including snow boots, a Mrs. Potato Head and a pink riding pony. Evie just loves presents now. My parents babysat Evie while we went out to eat with our sweet friends Candice and Carl. It was just like old times since we left our kids with their grandparents.

Tuesday was a laid back day relaxing at home. We did go to Best Buy to get Evie a surprise for the trip back to Tennessee. Evie and I both took long naps. Everyone else watched movies. Carl and Ben took Evie to pick up pizza. Ben got everyone a special dessert of fried oreos. Yummy.

We had a wonderful Christmas. Our trip back home went well with Evie's surprise of a DVD player. She loved watching her "shows", reading all her new books, playing with her new baby and petting her doggie. Traveling is a lot easier with the help of Elmo and Sid the Science Kid. We only stopped once which is amazing for a 420 mile trip.

Evie started talking about cookies when we pulled in our neighborhood. I figured that she was ready for a snack. Evie ran in the house and found her tray of cookies and started baking them in her oven. Her boys gave her the cookies and she loves them.

Our house is a total disaster with boxes and bags everywhere! Maybe I can make a dent tomorrow on it. Carl goes back to work. Evie and I have loved having him home for the last eight days.

  We had a wonderful Christmas with our families!

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