Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back in the Groove

Evie and I had a good day today but missed having Carl at home. It was a long day but we had fun. Evie is spending a lot of time with her kitchen and dressed her baby in some new clothes. She figured out that the baby only closes her eyes when she is napping but Evie gets mad at her face when it turns. The baby has a rotating neck and Evie likes it perfectly centered on the body of her baby. She holds the baby really close and says, " baby face" until I remedy the situation. Evie has very clear ideas about what she likes.

   Paige came over to babysit Evie for a little bit and they had a blast. I am not so sure that she was happy to see me when I got home. She kept saying "hug" to Paige and they hugged a few times. Evie must have felt badly for me because she gave me a few hugs too.

   It was fairly warm for a Nashville winter day although it was quite windy. Carl got home before dark and wanted to go for a walk so we quickly dashed out of the house for a brisk walk. Evie loved seeing all the pretty lights from the comfort of her stroller.

    We made some taco soup for dinner and Evie ate so much. That must be one of her favorite meals because she barely made a peep. Carl has been watching the UT- Carolina game so we had dessert in the den. Evie was practically lapping the ice-cream right out of the bowl. Then she finished up my bowl too!  She loves her sweets just like her Mommy.

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  1. She is just a doll, as always! It's so cute how you give your commentary about Evie--it's so endearing :) Evy is the SAME WAY about what she likes these days--asserting those little opinions!


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