Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

We had a fantastic winter weekend meterologically speaking. That's what Carl told me anyway. We went to Chick fil A for breakfast before picking up my jeep at the dealership. Carl brought Evie home and I went to run a few errands. I bought the wrong kind of lights so we all headed back out. Lights are way cheaper at Home Depot than Target so we were able to get a much better deal.

   Evie had a ball helping us with the lights. She thought it was so much fun to stack the boxes of lights and bring things back and forth between us. It's so fun to experience Christmas through her eyes.

   She napped and I did too. Carl ran to the mall to pick up his pants and it was a total madhouse. That's the crazy part about Christmas which is why most of my shopping is done online. I had to wake Evie up because she had a birthday party. Birthday parties can take over your life if you are not careful. Evie is invited to lots of parties but we cannot possibly make them all. It seems like we miss a lot due to being out of town and sometimes we just skip them because we need family time. Evie never knows the difference! We had a great time at Sam's party at My Gym. They did a really great job making him feel special and we had fun too. Evie did not want to leave her cake and we had to convince her that it was time to go. She was excited to see all the lights on the way home but she was still talking about that cake.

    Evie slept until 8 this morning and we enjoyed a nice leisurely morning at home. It was SNOWING which made for a festive tree trimming. Evie loved hanging the ornaments and playing with all the decorations. I tried to make it Evie safe so that I do not spend the next several weeks wishing it was time to take the tree down. We did not even come close to hanging all of our ornaments so I may sneak a few more on there this week.

   Evie had her first cup of hot chocolate this morning. What a treat! She loved it and I was able to sneak a little milk in her since she has decided that milk is no longer her favorite beverage. Two weeks ago, she was going through one or two gallons a week and now she acts like she can barely tolerate the stuff. Several moms have told me this happens around 2 so we will keep working on it!

   Evie napped while we watched a little football and prepared for our neighbors to come over. We love our new neighbors and are so excited to have a young, fun family right across the street. Evie has a blast with Christian and Campbell. It's so cute to see them togehter. Evie is very motherly towards the boys. She always wants them to have a drink, wants them sitting next to her while she eats and tonight she even shared her banana with Campbell. Evie would eat a bite and then hold it out for Campbell to take a bite. I used to worry about that kind of thing but I thought it was adorable tonight!

   Bedtime was super easy because Evie was worn out from playing so hard. It was a fun weekend and it's always sad to see the weekends end. They sure go by fast! I have had a few questions about the Griswald house that I posted pictures of the other night. That house is not on our street but it's on our way to our house. I sure hope they turn it off early because it would be hard to sleep with all that going outside your window. Carl hung lights for Evie on our patio and we put candles in our windows. That's about as festive as we get at the Niemeyer Nest. Middle Tennesee really gets into Christmas. We have never seen so many lights in our lives!

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