Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up!

Our weekend got off to a sweet start on Friday. Evie and I went to a cookie swap. It was a lot of temptation for my little cookie monster. She just did not understand why all the children were happy playing while there were hundreds of cookies sitting on the dining room table. We had some delicious cookies! Evie thought it was a fabulous idea once she was able to sample all the cookies.

      We did a little Christmas shopping that afternoon. I was not expecting Evie to enjoy it too much since we went without the stroller. Mommy was wrong. Evie had a blast looking at all the pretty lights, festive decorations and all the different people. She got her very own shopping bag at our favorite store Hot Pink with her bows inside. Evie was so proud to have her own bag and showed it to everyone that she met. Carl came home with a pizza for dinner.

    Saturday was a divide and conquer type of day. Carl took Evie shopping and I went by myself. I spent a lot of time looking for Christmas cards with a place for a picture. We had the cutest cards made by Sweet Birdie's Nest but I ran out of them. OOPS! You know it has been a great year when you run out of cards. We are so thankful to have made so many new friends in 2010. I finally found some cards!

       I was exhausted from my shopping excursion so our afternoon was spent on the couch watching mindless television. We took Evie to Blue Coast Burrito for dinner and I got a second wind after she went to bed.

        Evie woke up 3 times last night! Let's hope this is not going to be our new normal. We are not sure what was wrong with her but she was not too happy. She slept late this morning but we have still been exhausted all day!

           We had a nice day at home although nothing happened the way we had hoped it would. That's okay, we had fun with our sweet girl. We are experiencing a heat wave. The high was 43 which is the warmest it has been in quite some time. Our favorite part of the weekend was eating peppermint ice cream with hot fudge sauce. YUMMY. It was even more special because we spread a towel out in the den and had a little picnic. It's the simple things that are always the most fun. We are so excited about this week because Carl only has to work tomorrow and then he is off for the next 8 days. Tuesday is our family day and we are still trying to decide what to do. It's supposed to rain. Carl's parents come on Wednesday to spend Christmas with us and then we head to my parents on Sunday. It's going to be so fun experiencing the magic of Christmas with Evie especially since there is a chance of a White Christmas!

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  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry you ran out of cards!

    Isn't it funny that 43 is considered a "heat wave?" I thought the same thing to myself the other day.


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