Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve!

We had a nice, low-key Christmas Eve. Fresh Market and Puffy Muffin were are only adventures. I needed steak for Carl's birthday dinner tomorrow and some sweet treats for myself.

   We tried a new church and really liked it. Lots of kids and young families, granted it was Christmas Eve but we felt encouraged for the first time since we moved to Nashville. It was a beautiful service and we even saw our photographer. Evie looked so precious in her sweet little dress.

   We came home and had our Christmas dinner with Tony and Sheila. Evie has had a ball with her grandparents. Two more people that think she is just perfect! We enjoyed a yummy dinner and Evie stayed up late to be with us. I told her there would be a surprise after dinner. She's really into surprises these days. The surprise was cake for her Daddy's birthday!

   Carl and I put her to bed and we are so excited about tomorrow. Way more excited than she will be but it's so fun to be Santa. We had fun putting all her stuff under the tree and filling her stocking with care. Christmas will be so much fun with our Evie. We are so thrilled to be spending Christmas in our home for the first time ever! It will be so wonderful to relax in our own home without traveling or rushing around. I am hoping for a lazy day watching Evie play with all of her new toys.

   Wishing you a joyous Christmas morning celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ!

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  1. Oh, fun night! Evie does look so sweet in her dress. :) We didn't get ANY pictures of Molly tonight. Oops. MJ's getting a play kitchen, too. I'm so excited to see her reaction to it!

    And, I thought I had it bad - Jim's birthday was Wednesday!


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