Monday, December 19, 2011

Jumping and Jesus!

Evie packed her own quarters so that she could ride the car.

Look at all that drool!

Evie had to join the picture but I sure am glad that she did.
Evie has been anticipating her date with Daddy for over a week. Carl took her to Monkey Joe's this morning for some jumping. AKA - nap time preparation so that Mommy and Daddy can get things done. They had a great time! I would have loved to see them in action. Evie jumped and jumped. Carl tried to get some popcorn for a snack and they were out. He commented that it was horrible that they were out and that's what Evie remembers about the outing. Carl said her eyes welled up with tears because she really wanted popcorn. That's a favorite snack for all of us! Apparently, there were more Honda Odyssey's in the parking lot than there is at the Honda Dealership. Evie loved being with her Daddy and I think that's so important. It was fun for me to go places with just my Dad when I was little and Evie loves it too. She napped really well after her morning of adventure. Mission accomplished!

I took Henry to the doctor and we are trying some new things. Keep your fingers crossed because I am not sure that I like where this is going. He bit his lip with his new tooth this afternoon. It's just a tiny sliver of white so far but it's the beginning of a tooth. Sharp enough to draw blood but barely visible.

Evie and I went to a live Nativity at a church nearby. I was not sure what to expect since this was my first visit to anything like this. It was well-done and Evie really enjoyed it. Some of her comments were so funny. She kept asking why the angel was not flying and why Baby Jesus was not real. Evie suggested that Henry play the role of baby Jesus but did not want her Daddy in the manger. Not sure where that connection came from except that Carl and Jesus share the same birthday. Evie's assignment of leader made her so happy especially since that job title came with a flashlight. The hot chocolate topped it off for Evie, she is definitely my daughter with her love for all things sweet.

Carl and I had a date night to Green Hills for dinner and a little shopping. He was not quite as impressed with The Container Store as me until he found a shoe caddy for our laundry room that will hold all the wet, muddy shoes that accumulate all winter long. Henry was still awake when we got home but he was happy as ever. It's been a fun day! Tomorrow will be another great day.


  1. evie looks adorable in her pigtails!! and henry looks SO big sitting by carl! looks like his hair is lightening up, too.
    libbi always wants laney to play the part of baby jesus. she will put a towel on her head and be "ma-wee" or a "shep-ard" and then want laney to be in a basket so she can be baby jesus - haha!

  2. I have missed reading your blog! It looks like your family is still doing well!


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