Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meltdown City!

Evie is on Day 3 of a nap strike. I am not ready for this yet. Nap time is so delightful especially when both kids nap at the same time. Perhaps, this is just a phase and that she will get back on track in a few days. At least, she napped in the early days of Henry's arrival when I was even more exhausted. Evie just needs sleep in order to function. She gets that from me. It's been a long week without naps but there have been some funny meltdowns since she is so tired. Even brother thinks it's funny. He thinks everything that Evie does is hysterical but it is especially funny when she does not find it amusing.

Here's one conversation that I want to remember:

Mommy: Evie, I am going to start calling you Cranky.

Evie: No, Mommy, I am an angel! ( Imagine this being said in her most ferocious voice.)

Henry has been sick this week and he is taking Amoxcillin. It's pink just in case that has slipped your memory. Evie is convinced that this is not the correct medicine for brother. She keeps saying, "That not his color, Mommy. He needs blue. Evie needs medicine to feel it better."

At the doctor, Evie chimed right in when Dr. Brooks walked in. She said, "Hello Dr. Brooks, how are you today?

I picked Evie up from school and her teacher walked her to the car. After Molly walked away, Evie said, "I like that Molly. She my special friend."

Evie has given me lots of sass this week. That's not going to work for me so it's a constant struggle for me to keep my cool with her.  She threatened to put a spell on me. I love her imagination and maybe it'd be fun to be a frog for a day or two. Then, she wanted me to " it's a peer" that is her version of disappear.

My exhaustion has caused me to forget so much of this week! This is all going to seem easy one day all too soon when my worries change from skipped nap times to skipping out on things that really matter!


  1. I hope naps return for you soon, although their absence makes for some funny Evie moments. We are thinking of taking the pacifier, which she only gets at nap, this weekend and I'm a bit nervous. She hasn't had it at the sitter's in awhile, but all bets are off when Mama is around.

  2. maybe it's the full moon? libbi has not been napping this week either. she and laney have at least been switching off with their "no nap" days, so i guess it could be worse. it's not the actual naptime that results in meltdowns for us, it's the 3-4 hours later when she is just D.O.N.E-ugh!
    hope she starts napping again.


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