Friday, February 3, 2012

Week in Review!

We had lots of home time this week which makes me much happier. It was still pretty eventful though. Henry fell out of his sleep and play right onto the floor. There was a loud thud but he was fine. I was way more upset than Henry. My heart literally fell when I heard that sound and then he did not make a peep. I ran up the stairs and he was laughing away like it was such a fun ride to fall a few feet to the ground. Then, Evie fed Henry a leaf which made him throw-up. Of course, Henry was still perfectly content. Nothing bothers him!

Monday: It was a gorgeous day so we headed to the park for a picnic. Evie made a new friend. She has really become much more outgoing to new people. I heard her say, "Hi I Evie- you know your name?" Lunch always tastes better outside even peanut butter and jelly. Nap time went really well after our morning at the park. We went for a walk that afternoon too. I LOVE my double jogger but still think I am going to sell my other double. Evie had a bad dream and ended up with me in the guest room. Neither one of us slept very well since she likes to sleep in the middle of the bed and snores quite loudly. She tapped me a few times asking me about Raffi. I can find that pink giraffe without even opening my eyes. He's practically a member of our family.

Tuesday: Evie had school. I spent a lot of time trying to get Henry to sleep in his crib. He loved sleeping his sleep and play but that fall makes me too nervous to put him in it again. Henry barely slept at all because he was trying to get used to the crib again. It's been awhile since he slept in there due to all his belly issues. We ran a few errands and then picked Evie up from school. It was another beautiful day so we headed outside to play with our boys. Evie was CRANKY since she only slept for 15 minutes at school. Oh dear, it was a tough afternoon, nothing made her happy. It was our date night. Courtney came to babysit. Both kids were asleep but Henry woke up while we were gone. Our Baby Whisperer was able to get him back to sleep. Carl and I were so impressed. We had a fun date to Bosco's. It was fabulous not to have a babysitter to pay when we got home and even more fabulous that both our kids were asleep. Henry seems to always be awake when we get home.

Wednesday: We hung out at home all day. Campbell came over for a little bit while Courtney had an appointment. He was PERFECT. Evie loved having him over. We painted pictures, worked puzzles, watched a little bit of a movie and played cars. Evie and Campbell both take snack time very seriously so we had a few snack breaks too. Don't worry, I kept a close on them with those scissors. One of Evie's friends cut her hair off during a playdate. I do not want that to happen on my watch!

Thursday: Evie went to school and Henry had his sitter. I had a hair cut and ran a few errands. It was so nice to have a little break since Carl was gone on Wednesday night. I picked Evie up from school and she wanted to know why I did not have Henry. She asked, "What's the sitter's name, you know?" Yes, Evie, I know her name. Henry was asleep when we got home so we headed outside to play with our boys. Henry adjusted to his crib by Thursday and is sleeping much better. Carl got home from Chattanooga in time for a walk around the neighborhood before his haircut. We both go to the same stylist. I was her first client and Carl was her last one of the day. Carl gave Henry a little walking lesson before he left.

Friday: We stayed home again. I had planned to get a bunch of housework done because I am so behind. Evie had another idea. She took a Styrofoam block and created her own version of snow throughout my kitchen. It was everywhere. She helped me sweep it up which helped a lot since it was a HUGE mess. Evie practiced her singing during nap time. She really enjoys performing solos from the safety of her crib. It was so loud that it woke up Henry from his nap. Then, she fell asleep and Henry was awake with me. Carl came home with pizza for dinner and everyone is asleep. We are looking forward to a lazy, rainy weekend with lots of snuggles with our sweet children.


  1. Haha! The styrofoam picture made my laugh! So did the fact that Evie fed Henry a leaf! Poor baby boy! Have a great weekend!

  2. There is never a dull moment is there?!?! So funny to hear from you, because the day you commented I had thought about you guys! I have neglected my blog and my bloggie friends lately. Life has just been insane! I am so envious of your lazy weekend at home! I will live vicariously through you, so please, do share! Glad all is well at your house! I can't believe how big Henry is getting! And that Evie, she sounds like she is as big of a mess as Cilla is! They keep us on out toes, right?!

  3. There is never a dull moment is there?!?! I was so glad to hear from you. I had just been thinking about you guys the morning that you left a comment! How funny. Life has gotten so insane that I have negleted my blog and my bloggie friends lately. I am envious of your lazy weekend at home. I will life vicariously through you, so please, do share about it! Glad all is well at your house! I can't believe how big Henry is getting! And that Evie, she sounds like she is as big of a mess as Cilla! They keep us on our toes!


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