Friday, April 5, 2013


Dear Henry,

  You are 21 today - that's 21 months, buddy. Daddy loves to tell people that his kids are 72 or 9 when it's so obvious that you are not quite that old. Then, he adds 72 days or 9 weeks as an afterthought. People think it is pretty funny. I told Evie that you were turning 21 and she said that she was turning 27.

Anyway, you are 21 months and showing every bit of it. You are learning words so fast and are curious about everything around you. It's so much easier to communicate with you now that words are part of the equation. Some of my favorite words are: choo choo, look, meow, moo, hold, sister and show.

You love to draw and tell me that everything is an E just like sister. Maybe one day, you will become fascinated with the letter H. We were in Hobby Lobby and you picked up the letter E while exclaiming E as another lady walked by. That lady was super impressed that you knew your letters. Don't worry, I kept it between us that you got lucky. Everything is E to you!

You are hungrier than usual these days. Sometimes even devouring three bowls of cereal and then asking for "snack" within the hour. Your favorite snacks are bananas, mango, oreos and oatmeal squares. Pancakes are still your breakfast of choice and you are doing much better with drinking water. 

You love to play outside and stop in your tracks every time you hear a choo choo, plane or truck. Transportation fascinates you already and your interest in construction equipment is growing.

You still love books and will sit for stories all day long. Reading is so important and I hope your love of reading continues to blossom.

School is one of your happiest places and it's so cute to hear you say school. Brenda is your favorite teacher and you run into the classroom each week with arms wide open ready to hug her. You really like Abigail in your class and play with her most of the day.

It seems impossible that you will be 2 years old in three short months. I was pregnant with you when Evie was this age. Hard to believe, because you are plenty baby for me right now. I can barely keep up with you and your sister. 

You cry and scream when things do not go your way. I am a lot smarter this time around and am able to ignore your antics easily. Sometimes you just scream and cry after nap time because it takes you awhile to wake up - chocolate and choo choos perk you right up. It's a really good day if you have both chocolate and choo choos!

You are the sweetest child and delight in helping me around the house. You love to fetch items for Evie and always giggle with glee when she is showing you her latest project. Sister is always on your mind even when she is not around - you ask about her repetitively. Evie calls you "little buddy" and she either really loves you or is asking for a "different" brother. She always has your back and defends you from all the wild things at playgrounds, libraries and other popular preschool destinations.

Henry, you are such a joy to our family! We love you from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes. Your infectious smile, your giggles and your sweet baby boy smell. We cannot imagine our life without you. Mommy never dreamed that one day I would have a baby boy sitting on his John Deere tractor inside our house while wearing a diaper, eating snacks, holding princess Belle and watching Curious George. You sure keep life interesting and we are so thankful to God for entrusting us with you. You are one special little buddy!


Mommy and Daddy

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  1. I am laughing at the tractor scene because it is so true. You never know what you're going to see and it all becomes so normal. I can't believe Henry is so close to two. He is still my go-to source to see what's coming next in life with a boy.


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