Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up!: Cork and Cow with Friends, Fashion Shoot and Ladybug Party

It's been a nice weekend. Nothing too exciting but still a nice weekend.

Saturday: Carl kept the kids while I slept late. Since when did 7:30 become sleeping late. Carl took the kids jogging and then I stayed home with Henry while Evie went swimming with Carl. Evie was so excited to go swimming and is ready for the outdoor pool to open. Henry went to his first birthday party without his sister. It was Abigail's Ladybug party with yogurt sundaes and cupcakes. Henry enjoyed riding in their cozy coupe car and playing with new toys. Abigail and Henry are good buddies at school and they were so cute together at the party. Carl and I went out with some sweet friends. We met up at Red Pony for a drink and then headed to Cork and Cow for dinner. It was a fun night with delicious food. Filet is always a nice treat and the house potatoes were yummy! It was our first time eating at a steak restaurant without a baked potato. We shared lobster mac and cheese along with some sauteed spinach. Dessert was basically a chocolate pot and was incredible! 

Sunday: Everyone slept until 7:30 which made the morning race to church a bit interesting but we did arrive in time. Evie was infatuated with the baby in front of us and kept waving wildly at her which must have annoyed the mother since her baby was more interested in Evie than napping. Evie told me that she wanted one of those but within moments she changed her tune. She went with me to pick up Henry at the nursery and it was adorable listening to her with Henry. " Hen-wee aren't you so happy that you are back with your family." Our afternoon was pretty low key. Henry and I both napped while Evie kept Carl entertained. Our sweet babysitter came over to shoot some pictures of Evie for her fashion merchandising class. High school sure has changed! Evie was impressed with the new dress that Caitlin made and happily posed for some pictures. The theme was Welcome Home Soldier and Evie loved saluting for the camera. She was not thrilled when the dress went back home with Caitlin. Then, the tears began that Evie was sad that Caitlin is going to college and Evie is going to go with her too. I'll be honest there are days that I would happily send her to college but that day will be here far to soon.  Evie was jumping up and down in the driveway to see her boys so we headed over for a bit. 

That about sums up our weekend! I have been busy cooking in the kitchen tonight because tomorrow is Meal Swap Monday. Can't wait to try some new recipes!


  1. Love the dress she made! I teach fashion in high school so I love it!! And Eve s the perfect model!

  2. Cork and Cow sounds delicious and such a fun date night! Love the fashion shoot! Evie is the perfect model! Can't wait to hear what meals you come home with! I'm in need of a few new ideas for ours! Speaking's time for us to organize another one!

  3. Oh my goodness...that dress is adorable! Those are definitely Evie's colors!!


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