Friday, May 3, 2013

Week in Review: Fever, Fashion and Friends

It's been a great week but a LONG week. Monday seems like an eternity ago. We have spent lots of time outside, dined alfresco and even read some books outside. It's been lovely weather but that is all coming to an end this evening. We met the Onello's at the Discovery Center on Wednesday and had a ball. I think Henry was thrilled to see trains, diggers and firetrucks all in spot. Henry has had a fever off and on for three days and that is exhausting. He wants "hold" all the time and of course I hold him because it will not be like this for long. I missed having my day to get things done but Henry went with me to the doctor and my hair appointment is rescheduled for tomorrow.

Evie posing with our blooming azalea.

Evie had another fashion shoot in a patriotic dress. Lipgloss was a huge hit with Evie.

Morning cuddles on the couch.

Evie and Mama!

Mr. Big Stuff on the firetruck.

Abby and Evie driving along in their automobile.

Henry loved this! I need to brush up all my construction equipment. I think this is a crane.

Working on the railway!

Girl talk!


  1. I hope Henry is feeling better. Sam did the same thing last week, then started with an ear infection once the fever broke. I hope you are getting your break this weekend. Evie is so sweet in front of your pretty azalea.

  2. Putting Discovery place on my summer to do list!

  3. sorry henry hasn't been feel well! hope he's back to 100% soon. enjoy your hair appointment...that's like a mini vacation in my book! :)


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