Friday, May 10, 2013

Week in Review: Fevers and Friends

It's been a sickly week at The Niemeyer Nest. Four co-pays later and multiple rescheduled events we are all on the mend and looking forward to a nice weekend.

Monday: Evie was still feeling under the weather and rested on the couch most of the day. She perked up in the afternoon and went to her swimming lesson. Right before bed, we noticed that she had a fever again.

Tuesday: Evie slept until 9:00 and had a fever so I kept her home from school. By 10, I was wondering why I had kept her at home because she seemed to be fine. It was a nice day to play outside with the boys. We even went out to Chick fil A for Kid's Night and picked up some birthday party presents at Learning Express. We were up with her a few times in the night.

Wednesday: I took her in to get checked out and found out that she had a "rip roaring double ear infection" and that she was justified in her wake-ups the night before. Poor little Evie, just rested on the couch but by 2:00 she was just fine. She demanded to go to swimming and was so convincing that I decided it was fine. We all headed to Christian's fun birthday party at Pump it Up and Evie was just fine. Henry kept up with all the big kids and had a great time. 

Thursday: Both kids slept late and I kept my fingers crossed that everyone was well enough for school. Luckily, they were just exhausted from bouncing the night before. Henry's school had Muffins for Mom. We made a little bag together and he showed me his play-doh skills. He gets so excited now at school to see Abigail and his other little friends. I met some friends for breakfast at the new Puffy Muffin. It's so much bigger and not nearly as crowded. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast and had fun catching up. I was busy the rest of the day and then picked up the kids from school. We headed out for Henry's haircut and he did not make one peep during the entire haircut. He's such a good boy! Evie and Henry were so excited to play with Campbell and Christian when we got home.

Friday: It was a rainy yucky day but it turned into a beautiful day. Everyone slept late which always makes Mama happy then we headed to the Porter's house for a play date. Henry shouted "Anna, Anna" when we pulled into the driveway All the kids had a blast playing together and Kristin made a yummy lunch. Everyone came home for a nice long nap even Mama! We played outside and even had a picnic supper. Henry went to bed and Evie stayed up to help prepare shrimp and grits for dinner. I sure love my little chef.

Even with all the sickness, this has been a really good week. I have had lots of cuddle time with my babies, time to teach them new things and soak up this precious time in their life. It's much easier to be productive from home and my to-do list became a lot shorter with all this time at home. Sometimes, an easy week is just what the doctor ordered. Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. Goodness, Jennifer! So sorry to hear about all the sickness but glad everyone seems to be on the mend. As usual, I'm sure you were Grace Under Fire with a week like this. Evie looks like the perfect sous chef!

  2. What a week! The kids all look so tired in the birthday photo, ha!!

  3. I hope Evie is feeling much better. Even with the sickness it looks like a fun week!


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