Sunday, May 5, 2013

22 Months!

Dear Henry,

   You are 22 months old and are the sweetest little thing. Sometimes you can be a bit ornery but mostly you are just sweet as pie. You giggle and play and your first words every morning are "choo choo" or "sister" because those are your favorites.

Trains are your latest fascination and you stop in your tracks every.single.time you hear that sound.You enjoy watching Thomas and Chuggington on television and get really mad when it's Evie's turn to choose the show. You also like planes or as you call them "bees" which makes us giggle. Trucks are pretty popular too so it seems like transportation is still our theme of the month. All silver trucks around town are Daddy's and you love to point them all out along the way. Our neighbor was mowing the grass really close to our property line and you were certain that was your Daddy. I had to console you by taking you into the garage to see our lawnmower was safely tucked away and that Daddy's truck was not in the driveway.

You identify belongings around the house and know which item belongs to who. I put on some khaki shorts recently and you were losing your mind because you thought they were Daddy's. You take "Raffi" to sister and can identify our favorite cups, drinks, shows, books etc. It's really wild! If you see a coke, you say "Mama", coffee cup is "Daddy" and anything pink is Evie's. 

Snacks are requested multiple times an hour to the point that I get a little tired of hearing that word. You have quite specific snack requests and not just any snack hits the spot. You like cheerios, barbecue potato chips and yogurt. Last month, you preferred oatmeal squares but this month those are not a popular choice. Plus, Popsicles, you eat lots of those!

We eat most of our meals outside because it is easier to contain the mess. You are a messy little thing! You are able to drink out of a regular cup with just a few dribbles spilling.

I have noticed that you figure out new things faster than Evie mostly because she has already figured everything out and you watch her like a hawk. It keeps life interesting trying to keep up with you trying to keep up with sister. You already walk up and down the stairs by yourself, climb into your own car seat, attempt getting out of the tub, throw away your own diaper, put your crocs on your feet and take your plate to the counter after meals.

You are so sweet and cuddly. I love holding you, rocking you and playing with you. Soon, you will be too busy for this so I enjoy  it while I can. You like me to rock you at night and sing to you - sometimes you even ask for "more." In the morning, you call "Mama, Mama" with increasing volume and agitation depending on my speed. It's much better than waking up crying so I will take Mama any day. You tell us when you have "poo poo" but you have also learned to say that to get some attention from your crib.You are a smart little guy!

You went to your first birthday party without Evie and had a blast. It was your friend Abigail from school - you kissed her a few weeks ago at school and get so excited when I say her name. You love Campbell and Christian too. You called them "bo bo's" for a few days and now you call them "bays." They have lots of cool toys and you explore their garage and try to keep up with the big boys. 

You have a tender heart for babies too and always want to check out the baby in the stroller or in the grocery cart. You say "bay -bay" and it is so cute! 

We think most everything you do is cute! You are such a blessing to our family and we cannot wait to see what this next month holds for you. 

Love, Mama and Daddy


  1. I can't believe we will have 2 year olds soon! They are growing up too fast! I'm impressed that Henry can drink from a cup...Aubrey spills the entire glass down her shirt!

  2. I can't believe that Henry is 2 months shy of 2! His posts give me good heads up for what is to come. I love that he identifies Cokes as yours. My kids will definitely identify Pepsi with me!


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