Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer Lovin' Had me a Blast

It was our first day of summer just the three of us. Nana left yesterday so I was on my own. By 9, I was checking the time but we ended up having a great summer day. Two picnics, lots of outside time, a trip to Trader Joe's and ice cream for dessert. Then swimming on the blue duvet cover complete with a cannon ball off the diving board made for a busy fun-filled summer day.

I was upstairs meeting with the insurance adjuster - more on that later. We came downstairs to this!

They decided to add some more cushions to their pile and promised to clean up the mess. Of course, they did not clean up the mess!

Cuddles on the couch with Sweet Henry. He seems captivated by Evie's choice of Tangled. Just part of being a little brother.

Picnic Dinner. Our lunch picnic was cut short by a summer thunderstorm.

Chocolate ice-cream - good to the last drop.

Campaigning for more dessert! It's hard to say no to that sweet face but we still did. Carl took him up for a quick shower.

Our bathing beauty with her float AKA the tube that holds one of Carl's Lowcountry maps.


  1. They're both so cute! I love Henry's face in the ice cream picture!

  2. i love your posts! they make me feel like my life is normal - ha!
    my girls are currently obsessed with making "pillow stacks" (aka - they throw every pillow they can find on the floor and jump all over them). i am not a fan of this new game. but any time i leave the room, it's the first thing they do. and it usually involves libbi yelling, "momma! laney's making a pillow stack!!!!!" while simultaneously helping her make it. :)

  3. Those sweet smiles melt my heart. I love Henry's chocolate face after ice cream! HAHA! Summer is here and it's gonna be great! Sure wish we were closer so we could have some playdates!

  4. look at that ice cream face!!!

  5. Girl! I tried to comment on your message I got through my email but you are a "no-reply comment blogger". Which means if you leave someone a comment, they can't respond to you through email. You can go to your settings and change that :) Anyways, yes there is a train at Centennial Park! It's really cool. There is an airplane too. You will have to go check it out. If you are at the entrance off of West End, they are in the back left corner.

  6. Those two are too precious! Love their mountain of cushions and Henry campaigning for more ice cream! Seems like a successful first day of summer to me!


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