Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Rewind: Date Night, Shopping and Dance Recital

We had a super-busy weekend and I really need a weekend from our weekend.

Friday: Courtney and the boys brought Evie balloons and flowers for her recital. Evie was thrilled and felt so special. Evie had her dance recital rehearsal and we made it by the skin of our teeth. Crazy traffic and rain made our trip into the city a bit slower than anticipated. Evie was mortified when her bun fell out during rehearsal. Mama learned some new tips after that happened. Evie said that she was upset because she "did not look beautiful like the other girls." Oh dear, this is already beginning. I reminded her that the bun or the outfit is not what makes her pretty. My mom took over kid duty while Carl and I went on a date. THANK YOU MOM! Carl and I love going out and it's even better with free babysitting. We decided to try Tin Angel in West End and it was scrumptious. I had a burger and fries that was way better than some of my other favorite burgers in town. Carl had a steak and enjoyed that too. Butterscotch creme brulee rounded off our meal. 

Saturday: Carl took both kids to a birthday party at Chuckie E Cheese while my mom and I went out for a bit. We went to a children's sale at Little Cottage and stocked up on some summer sale items. I love dressing our children like children but it sure can get expensive. Sales make it much easier to keep them dressed in smocked clothing. Before, I am ready they will be dressing in ragged jeans and screen-printed t-shirts.  Pedicures were our next stop. It was so nice to spend time with my mom without the kiddos. Carl grilled ribs for dinner that were amazing. We spent most of the afternoon outside enjoying the gorgeous day. 

Sunday: Early church and then back home to prepare for the recital. Doughnuts in the backyard and then bun time. I wet, gelled, sprayed and pinned that bun to keep it from falling. It looked amazing and so did Evie. Our little ballerina was excited to dance her heart out in the recital. She did such a fantastic job and we are so proud of our Evie. It was short recital. Evie loved hanging out backstage with all of her little friends. She was sad to learn that these girls will not be in her class next year. Evie was in the older class and all of her friends will go to kindergarten. Henry had fun with Karen and was covered in tractor grease. He was not happy at all when we left but he sure was glad when we returned home. Evie requested chips and cheese so we headed out for an early dinner at Local Taco. We all love that place and it was my moms first time eating there. Restaurants are still touch and go - kids were fine but were all over me in the restaurant. It will be so nice to sit in a restaurant one day without my person used as a jungle gym. It was such a nice night so we spent some time outside before early bedtimes for us all. I was exhausted after our busy day and was conked out by 9:15.

That sums up our weekend. Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. I'm glad we are not the only ones with a Sunday recital. I find that so odd. Evie is precious in all of her pictures and her hair looked great. I despised struggling with Avery's hat but thankfully it covered her bun, because it wasn't pretty. I totally agree with the children's clothes, which is why I'm having to rebuild my wardrobe after years of not buying for me. I'm enjoying the kids' clothing while I can because it will be extremely short lived.

  2. She looks beautiful in her outfits. Glad she had a great recital!

  3. What a fun weekend and so glad you and your mom got to spend some quality time together on Saturday! I'm with you on restaurants. We don't do them often because it stresses me out! And I want Davis to think that restaurant outings are a treat, not the norm. Evie looks precious in your costumes! So glad the recital went well!

  4. Such sweet pictures of Evie and her recital! Glad you figured out how to master the bun. Imagine the heartbreak if it had fallen out during the actual recital!


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