Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: Hair, Shipwrecked and Mother's Day

It's been a good weekend. Carl has taken care of the kids most of the weekend which is better than any present that he could ever buy me. A break is just what this Mama needed for Mother's Day! My own Mom is coming in Thursday and I am really looking forward to her visit.

Saturday: I had a haircut since I missed it last week because Evie was sick. If you pay really close attention, you may have noticed that I went to the salon last week too. My stylist is super popular and when I missed my first appointment for a cut and color - I had to make separate appointments. The good news is that I tried someone new for my cut yesterday and really liked her plus her pricing is more budget friendly. My sinus infection was getting worse so I stopped by the Take Care clinic at Walgreens and had such a good experience. Three RX's later, I should be on the way to feeling better soon. I came home to grab Evie and then took her to a birthday party at Shipwrecked. Carl thought I was crazy to go but it was easier to take her to the party since she is so self-sufficient these days. It gave me 90 minutes to sit and chat with my friends while eating birthday cake. Evie had so much fun playing and bossing around the babies. She is such a funny girl! The rest of the day was a bit of blur while I was under the influence of so many drugs. HA!  I was not the nicest person but luckily my family gives me space when I am sick. 

Sunday: I woke up bright and early and had lots of time to myself while my family slept. Everyone was still sleeping at 7:30 so I started waking everyone for church. It was so nice to have already enjoyed my coffee and dressed before the chaos of dashing out the door for church. We had a wonderful church service with sermons by two seniors. I even became a little teary thinking of my own kids and their lives. It's crazy to think that this will be them graduating from high school before I know it! The men of our church served an outstanding brunch to all of the moms and their families with frittata, asparagus, bacon, Belgian waffles, fruit, dessert and even mimosas. We are Episcopalian in case you are wondering about the mimosa! It was delicious and so nice not to fight the crowds in the restaurants.  We came home from church and I took a nap while Carl took the kids to Home Depot and then played outside with them. I woke up and had some lunch with them before heading out for the afternoon. Several of my friends had the same idea because I saw different friends at Loft, Publix and the library - out without their kids on Mother's Day. I visited a friend on bed rest and it was so fun to catch up with her. Good friends are the best and I feel so fortunate to have the best mom friends that I could ever ask for to help me through this adventure called motherhood. Carl was playing outside with the kids so I joined in and then he grilled chicken for dinner. YUMMY! Carl had a chocolate chip cookie cake for me along with ice cream that Evie picked out. We had lots of fun together and enjoyed some cuddles in the hammock. It was sweet to think it used to just be me and Carl in our hammock. Then, it was the three of us and now it's our family of four. That hammock has been a wedding present that continues to be one of our most treasured gifts even after eight years of marriage. I had a wonderful Mother's Day and hope you did too. My children are such a blessing to me and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be their mother each and every day. Notice, I said day and not moment!


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Jennifer! You're one of the best mom's I know! And I couldn't agree more about having wonderful mom friends to help us on this journey! Sounds like a delicious brunch and love that the men of the church treated you ladies. Totally love the Episcopal disclaimers for the mimosas!!

  2. I hope you are feeling better! Sinus infections are no fun, especially on your special weekend. I totally agree about mom friends...that has been one way God has provided with all that's gone on this year. I know your friend on bed rest appreciated your visit. Friends meant so much while I was going through that. Happy Mother's Day to you!


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