Friday, May 17, 2013

Week in Review

Another busy week went by super fast!

Monday: Evie's last day of dance class! We had a picnic and then a little rest time before swimming lessons with Molly. Carl was out of town so that meant that I did not need to cook dinner. We played outside all evening and then had another picnic which keeps my kitchen clean.

Tuesday: Evie went to school and Henry and I hung out together. We went to the 20/30 Vision group at our church and I was surprised to learn that our church has their own food truck. The men of the church cook as their fundraiser so our group hired them out for our cookout. We all had so much fun getting to know everyone better. Carl really liked some of the guys. Evie hit it off with another four year old girl and they played dress up all night. Henry bounced away on the bounce house. Everyone went to bed right when we returned to the house.

Wednesday: Carl and I were up early but the kids slept until 8:45. That was such a treat! It was a beautiful day and we had nothing on our agenda so it seemed like the perfect day for the park. Evie loaded up her scooter and off we went to Owl Creek. It was such a nice morning at the park. Evie and Henry both made friends which makes everyone more content. More swimming lessons after rest time and then Carl played a little golf with the kiddos.

Thursday: It was the last day of school. I ran around like a crazy woman trying to get everything accomplished. I squeezed in book club before racing to get Evie. We read, All She Ever Wanted Was Everything - it's always fun to hear other perspectives on the book. After I picked up the kids, we went to the airport to get Nana. She came to town for Evie's first recital. We stopped for last day of school frozen yogurt and then played outside all afternoon. Pasta Milano courtesy of the Meal Swap was on the menu and it was yummy.

Friday: It's been a rainy day. I had hoped to go strawberry picking but not on a rainy day. We went to Third Coast Clay to paint pottery. Evie really liked it and I will have to take her back without Henry. I knew it would be a difficult place to take Henry since he likes to touch everything but he liked it too. My mom kept him busy painting and then took him out for a walk after he finished his masterpiece. Can't wait to pick everything up! Evie was sad that she had to leave her heart there. I knew this would be an issue and let her know that the pottery would stay there to go in the "special oven." Luckily, Julia, the kind storekeeper showed Evie the entire kiln process and told her that she would take great care of her heart. We stopped in Little Cottage and the Viking store for a few minutes. Lots of fun! Everyone took a rest and now Evie is about to head out for her dance recital. My little girl is thrilled for her dance recital.

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  1. What a busy and fun weekend and so glad Beverly got there safe and sound. Can't wait to hear about the recital and see pictures of the cuteness! Enjoy it!


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