Monday, May 13, 2013

Bun School - First and Last

Evie had her last day of dance this morning. It seems like her first day was not that long ago. We are both sad that classes are over but excited that the recital is this weekend. Evie has developed confidence, better posture and fine tuned her listening skills this year. She was in a class with girls that will attend Kindergarten this fall and she fit right in with the group. Peer pressure can be a good thing. I am so proud of my tiny ballerina! Ms. Becky has been so nurturing and encouraging always looking to build the girls up. Such a blessing to have such a delightful instructor for our first dance experience. Evie was beyond thrilled to receive a trophy this morning. She is super impressed that her name is on it and although it's her first trophy - it surely will not be the last.

Ms. Becky organized bun school for all the moms this morning. I had no idea there were so many tools needed to create the perfect ballerina bun: bobby pins, hair spray, hair gel, brush, and a hair net. Can't wait to practice on Evie! My baby girl is growing up too quickly.

First Day of Dance - September 2012

Last Day of Dance - May 2013


  1. I love bun school and was totally in need of it! I don't do hair! For pictures I had my friend Anna do Avery's and I watched. Then I practiced before rehearsal. I was sweating but got it done. Now I'm planning to bring Avery's bob back since we won't need a bun for awhile. I can't wait to hear all about the recital and see Evie's costume. And I need to share dance pictures with you!

  2. So sweet and the prettiest ballerina of the bunch! Love the first and last day photos and fondly remember all the make-up and bun supplies packed in my Caboodle from my dancing days!

  3. She just keeps geting prettier and prettier! Love the bun school idea! I can't wait to see a bun on Evie!


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