Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day

Just a tad late on this post . . . we traveled to South Carolina to visit Carl's parents. I left the card for my camera at home and did not realize it until we had reached our destination. Tony and Sheila live pretty far out from the grocery stores so I had to make-do with my camera phone.

It took us forever to get there this time. Carl's parents had a lovely dinner waiting for us and we picked up some boiled peanuts too. Evie has to have her "oiled peanuts." After dinner, we enjoyed a sunset cruise and Henry became infatuated with boats. Carl might finally get a boat now that Henry has such an interest in boating. Kidding!

All of us went to the park for some playtime Saturday morning. Kurt and Lollie arrived around lunch on Saturday. Evie went down the slip and slide with her cousins on the big hill. Most of the kids were way bigger than Evie but that did not stop her for a minute. Carl stayed back while Henry napped. Evie spent 5 hours at the pool. Henry joined us later that afternoon. Evie learned more swimming with Mary and Lucy in one weekend than in 6 months of lessons. Peer pressure can be a good thing! We had dinner at the pool - yummy barbecue, salad, ice cream etc. Delicious! Evie and Henry were ready for bed and passed right out.

We headed to church on Sunday. Poppy and She She have a worship service in their community and we joined them. Henry lasted about 1 minute before he had to leave. I took Henry out and tried to keep him busy for an hour. We played on the playground, looked at the lake, played in the fountain and joined the girls in Sunday school. I was relieved when church was over so that I had some extra help with Henry. Carl's parents treated us to a delicious brunch. Everything was outstanding. All the kids sat at the kids table and did really well. Mary and Lucy are so good to my kids. Sweet and thoughtful and really help keep them in line.  We went back to the pool and then out for another boat ride. It was fun to take a picnic dinner out on the lake. 

We left early on Monday for our 7 hour journey back! Thank goodness our kids are such good travelers. We had so much fun spending Memorial Day with She She and Poppy.

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