Sunday, April 25, 2010

Planting flowers!

Evie woke up late again! We made breakfast at home and played a bit. Evie napped, Daddy mowed the grass and I cleaned out the garage. After nap, we went to Home Depot to get some flowers. It was a pink year. Each year, Carl and I alternate between red and pink geraniums. I love the pink years. Maybe Evie will too and can work on convincing Carl to go for pink every year.

  We all planted the flowers but Carl did most of the work. Evie did help carry the fertilizer around for her Daddy. My job was to keep Evie from flying off the steps. Sometimes she thinks that she is a bird and could fly off the stairs. Our neighbor, Kay, came over to chat with us.

    It was time for my little break of the week so I went for a pedicure and to return some shoes. It was heavenly. I miss my Evie while I am gone but it's so good for me to have a break from being a mommy for a little bit! Carl and Evie played outside so she was worn out and ready for bed. It's time to grill some chicken and relax on the couch. We are trying a new recipe. It's 3/4 cup of buttermilk with half a teaspoon of cajun spice. Everyone seems to love hot chicken around here so maybe we will too! Hope your week gets off to a great start tomorrow.

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  1. What a fun weekend. I need to get started on my flowers, but it looks like that will have to wait since they are calling for lots of rain this week. Have a great Monday!


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