Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to Reality!

Evie and I had fun together today. She continues to be fascinated by containers with tops! The empty oj box entertained her for 15 minutes this morning which allowed me to read the newspaper and eat breakfast. We both took a morning nap. I was exhausted from traveling.

We went to Harris Teeter after nap and then played outside. I got a few things done around the house while Evie napped and then we went on a long walk. Carl took Evie on a jog when he got home and he grilled some porkchops. We had a family dinner and we were surprised that Evie enjoyed the meal too. Cooking my first meal since Thursday was fun especially since we all ate together.

Have you heard of BookSwim? It's similar to Netflix but for books. Well, I joined last week and my books are on the way. I signed up for three books at a time. Shipping is free both ways and it is $24 per month. Not bad since I spent $30 on two books last week. You may wonder why I am not using the library. It seems like the library has a waiting list for all the new books. I'll let you know how it goes. Put in the code RealSimple50 and you will get the first month for half price.


  1. Cute pictures. Isn't it amazing how kids can have a room full of toys and they would rather play with a container or box!

  2. The pictures are so cute! Cillian was entertained all morning and afternoon with the new Step 2 flow sink I got 'em at Toys R Us. Wondering if it will work as long tomorrow--got a lot done outside!!
    Thanks for the tip on the book site!


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