Saturday, April 17, 2010

Horses and Cake!

Evie slept late this morning and then she went jogging with her Daddy. Jogging wore her out enough for a quick power nap before it was time to head out for a birthday party. We had so much fun celebrating sweet Cassidy's first birthday. I remember the first time that we met Carol and Cassidy at the Frisky Berry last summer. Cassidy seemed like such a tiny baby but she has caught up with Evie. A few months make such a difference the first year but after that it all evens out. Cassidy enjoyed her cake and had fun swinging outside with her Papa. Carl loved the corn casserole that was served with lunch. Maybe I can snag the recipe from Carol. Cake is the best part of any party! Evie and I enjoyed our piece of cake. YUMMY!

     Evie crashed at naptime and I did too! Carl made my day by unloading the dishwasher. I even cried that's how thrilled I was that he had taken care of that for me. Sometimes, I feel like the entire day is spent cleaning up in the kitchen. After nap, we took a trip over to River Park. Carl enjoyed the new trail that we had found the other day too. Look how close, we got to the horses! Carl thought we could put Evie out there with the horses since they seemed to like company so much. The playground was our next stop, it never gets old watching Evie go up and down the slide. She thinks it is so much fun and has no fear. The curvy slide is so fast that she took a face plant right into the mulch! Ouch! Evie was not bothered by this and was ready for round 2 on the curvy slide.

      Evie made a hot mess with her dinner so I stripped her down to her diaper.Her clothes required a heavy application of Grandma's Stain Removal. That stuff is amazing!  Evie had a grand time running around downstairs and she even streaked through the yard; which she found extremely amusing. Being outside in your diaper is funny even when you are 15 months old. Carl grilled a delicious pork tenderloin that his parents were gracious enough to bring on their last visit. We are almost out of Maurice's Barbecue sauce. Too bad, it's such a long drive to South Carolina. I am pretty sure that we can order it online. Carl likes to keep a variety of barbecue sauces in full-supply around for grilling purposes. Evie went to bed and we enjoyed dinner outdoors and are settling down to watch a movie. Hope you had a fantastic spring day.

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