Monday, April 19, 2010

The Daddy Blues!

Carl left this morning for the week. We already miss him and are ready for Friday. Evie knew it was going to be a long week so she slept until 7:45 and then was ready to sleep again at 9:15. She LOVES to sleep which works for me!

   We just hung out around the house this morning and had fun playing. Evie is really into books these days. I probably read her thirty books over the course of the day. It's time for some new books. She might not be bored with her selection but I am ready for some new ones considering I have memorized all of the words.  Evie has learned how to help me with applying lotion. She squirts a little on my leg and rubs it right in. Now, that's helpful! Evie often mimics me now and it's really entertaining to chat with her. She also will do whatever I do and follows simple commands. Evie put your hands on your head, get me your shoes etc. I can tell she is getting smarter by the minute. She took a nice long nap but I had to wake her to go to a playdate. Luckily, she springs right out of her crib ready for the next adventure.We had so much fun at Amy and Audra's house. Evie just made herself at home helping herself to some snacks and checking out Audra's toys. She has figured out that she is a "big" girl now and pats the babies on their faces. It sounds sweet but it's a little scary. Sometimes, she is a little too rough but she means well. 

   After the playdate, we headed to the new Goodwill in Franklin. I  suddenly remembered why I do not go to Goodwill stores as soon as I entered the building. Nothing is worth looking through a pile of things that I do not need. Not even a mirror. I am searching for an interesting mirror that I can turn into a chalkboard for my kitchen. Maybe Craig will have it on his list.  That's probably my best bet since I do not enjoy treasure hunting at Goodwill. Evie and I ran into Whole Foods to get a few provisions for the week since Carl is gone. That means no cooking for me! Try their Barbecue Chicken Pizza. It's fabulous! Evie munched on mango strips while I looked around a little. I am positive that she is my child because she scouts out all the free sample stations and points excitedly until she gets her hand on it. Luckily, it's usually fruit, cheese or if we are lucky a piece of bread.

    Evie helped me straighten the house a little. She cleaned the coffee table with a papertowel all by herself. I am so proud of my little helper.She has been saying Da Da all day. Maybe she thinks if she says it enouugh, he will magically appear! She likes to look at his picture and carries the frame around with her. What a sweet girl!


  1. Those pictures of Evie are beautiful! I hope your week without your hubby goes well!

  2. We have that little lovey! She just gets cuter and cuter and you crack me up talking about Craig and his list!

    I totally forgot about the bib you asked about until just's from Target and they are great because they just wipe clean and have a little pocket at the bottom that catches (mostly) everything! Anyway, check Target in the baby section near the bottles and baby food!

  3. Evie is so photogenic! Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the recipes...can't wait to try them!

  4. I'm so glad to find out someone else doesn't get a huge kick out of bargain hunting at Goodwill. I hate it. I want to like it because people find awesome things for a steal, but it's just not worth it to me!

    Those weeks without the hubby are hard! Hope yours goes well.

  5. She is so beautiful! Those gorgeous eyes and that blonde hair...awww, so precious! Hang in there, momma! It is hard to be the only parent home! I have done it lots too!


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