Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Preppy Mafia!

I do not usually complete these kind of things but my sweet college friend at Pawley's Island Posh inspired me! It's pretty funny to answer these questions because it's so obvious how much becoming a mother has changed me.

Favorite Style Icon: Jackie O
My best friend's grandmother used to call me Jackie O, now that's a compliment!

Favorite Party Theme: Oyster Roast

Favorite Socialite Lit Book: Nothing anymore

I used to read all the time now my reading list all contains words such as sleep, discipline, napping and eating! I think there is a solution to this problem - check back later for my solution!

Extravagance That You Can't Live Without: Starbucks!

Living Person that You Admire Most: Kim
This is a hard one so I decided to choose someone that is not a friend or family member! It would have to be Kim at Everyday Adventures in Faith. She is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. - check out her blog. I promise you will admire her too. She's beautiful, funny, a wonderful wife and mother but most importantly a really fabulous person who is making a HUGE difference in the life of a family!

Greatest Fear: Dying and leaving Evie without a mother

Which Talent would you most like to have? Grace under pressure!

Greatest Achievement: Evie
Being Evie's mommy is the best and greatest thing that I have ever accomplished! She makes me strive for excellence in everything that I do!

I nominate Ashley and Courtney! Thanks Julia for getting me thinking!

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  1. Jennifer ~ I'm with ya on Starbucks!

    I love love Evie's yellow Easter dress and her little bow to keep her hair back. Precious!


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