Friday, May 28, 2010

Frantic Friday!

Evie woke up quite early this morning which made the whole day off schedule. It seems like it has been one really long day since we have been up so long. She went down for a nap about 7:45 if that tells you how early she woke up. Bob came to work on the shutters for a few minutes but left because he thought it might rain. It still has not rained yet.

     Evie and I ran a few errands in preparation for our road trip. We have not been on such a long trip since February so I am sure it will be different than the last time. Evie is so energetic so we will have to stop a few times for her to burn off some energy.

       Evie was not in the mood for nap time this afternoon which is so unusual for her. Perfect timing since I had so much that needed to be done while she slept. Thank goodness for video monitors because I had a real show. She read her book a few times, sucked on her foot, walked the perimeter of her crib and played her own version of peek a boo with her blanket. I went in there in a few times to rescue Raffi since she kept throwing him and her pacifier overboard. She was not crying and seemed content although not in the mood to sleep. Finally, after a huge production, she fell asleep.Evie needs a lot of sleep just like me!

      Carl came home and we played with Evie. She loves to dance and is such a good little dancer. We pushed her around in the grocery cart. I have a feeling that we are going to wish that we had never started that game. Evie loved the pizza we had tonight. She thought it was really tasty to dip it into her cup of water and just did not understand why we did want to sample her soggy crust. Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone! Thank you to our armed forces for leaving your families to protect all of us.


  1. How can you stand all that cuteness under your roof? Have a great holiday weekend!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

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