Monday, May 24, 2010

Donuts and Daydreams!

Evie and I had a fantastic Monday! Our day started off with delicious Daylight Donuts at Amy and Audra's house. Evie loved the donuts and had a great time playing with all the kiddos. One of the little girls had a pair of sparkly flip flops and Evie just had to try them on. She is really into tossing things - balls, food, shoes! It's so funny because she makes little sound effects to go with each flying object. We try not to laugh but she is just so funny.

   We stayed home this afternoon and played with pasta in the kitchen. I had read online to give your toddler some Cheerios and a few bowls to play around with. Well, I decided to use pasta since it's less messy and she would not want to eat it. Evie thought this was so much fun! She played and played! It made her mad when the pieces of pasta were sticking to her feet. We will try this activity again soon especially since Evie helped me clean up the mess. Then, we moved on to playing with dolls and reading books. I read her Itsy Bitsy Spider at least twenty times today. It seems to be her new favorite.

     We played outside in the hammock and Evie ran around the yard while I rested. It was pretty nice to feel the gentle breeze along with the sound of Evie giggling. She came up for a snuggle and it was so special! I just love this age. She is so much fun and everyday is filled with something new. Notice that she is pushing Raffi around in her grocery cart.

     We walked to the park with Carl and then he had a turn to hang out in the hammock while Evie played in the yard. I wonder how long this will last.


  1. What precious photos! And yum ... Daylight Donuts!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  2. Your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL!!! the white cabinets with the dark wood floor.

    And you asked where I got my frames... they are from Ikea! Just their standard "Ribba" ones in 8x10.

    Have a great week!


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