Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Making Music!

Evie and I had another fun day! She helped me unload the dishwasher this morning and actually placed her spoons in the right place. Then we distributed diapers around to all of our changing stations and diaper bags, Evie was happy to drop the diapers off at each location.

    We went to Target to make a return and the cashier told Evie that she recognized her from being in there so much. That cracked me up! Our Gymboree has a new owner and they are trying some new stuff. The owner asked us to try a music class that she is trying to get going. It was kind of a pilot class. They are trying to figure out how to make it all work. They have a few kinks to work out but Evie enjoyed exploring the instruments. She really liked the big girls in the class!

     Music class tired Evie out. I did a few things around the house and then started my new book, The Help. It's so good that I cannot stop reading even though I am probably the last person in the South to read it. Evie woke up in a really great mood. I was so excited to show her that the Crocs had arrived during naptime. She was even more excited to see her new pink shoes. It was so fun to watch her. I had no idea that her shoes would be such a source of entertainment. She took them off and on, tossed them over her shoulder with sound effects and put them in and out of the box. It's the little things in life like pink shoes. I'll try to get a picture of her cute feet tomorrow.

     Carl took Evie on a jog while I prepared dinner. Evie sure loves tater tots. It's so funny to see her dip them in the ketchup. Evie has decided that if Raffi cannot take a bath then the next best thing is her toothbrush so she brought it into the tub tonight. Carl told her she was a multi-tasking baby. Evie is the sweetest little girl and makes us so happy. I have a feeling that being Evie's mommy is going to keep getting better!


  1. Haha, I'm sure the people at Target recognize me, too! I definitely recognize some of them and know which sales people are helpful and which aren't...kinda sad! I'm so glad Evie liked her bibs, but it does sound like y'alls Target isn't as good, haha! It's weird how they don't always carry the same things!

    Also, I bought The Help but still haven't found time to read it! Everyone says it's so good, but I have about a million books I want to read!

  2. I read The Help in 3 days... it was so good!!


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