Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Smart girl!

It's been a rainy, yucky day so Evie stayed in her pj's until 3:30. She played with her slide, her Ipop made her a tunnel and of course there is always time for a snack. She has been so tired all day and a little cranky. Traveling wears me out so I know she must be exhausted. She took a three hour nap this afternoon and was happy for a little bit. We went to run a few errands and to feed the ducks. Evie loved feeding the ducks with the bread her Ipop brought. She even ate some of their bread. I'm telling you that girl does not miss a chance to have a snack. It was so fun to take her to feed the ducks where I went when I was little. It was a lot smaller than I remembered. We had to run in the grocery store really quickly. My dad saw one of the ladies he went to high school with and she was thrilled to meet Evie. Not that Evie was on her best behavior or anything but that's okay Jeannie is a grandmother too. Evie spotted the cart with the steering wheel and just had to go in that cart and was scanning the store for the free cookies. It was quite disappointing that there were no free cookies for her. I am learning that Evie's memory is long, very, very long!

   Evie's mood brightened with a little outdoor fun. She ran around the yard with her Uncle Ben and had fun in her new swing. I think she just needed some fresh air because she was much happier after her playtime. I prepared some tacos for dinner while Nana played with Evie. Nana has to work this week so I wanted her to have plenty of time with Evie. She is at such a fun stage and is copying everything that we do. It's so cute to see her running around the house with a cellphone at her ear and following simple directions most of the time. I asked her to bring me my watch today and she did it. We took a walk around the neighborhood after dinner, had a snack and then Evie went to bed. I am exhausted too. It's a little more difficult to take care of Evie outside of her own house. She's our little tornado and is not quite as portable as she used to be when she was younger. Evie likes a routine just like her Mama!

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