Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Conductor Jack!

Evie and I were in for a real treat this morning. Whole Foods was hosting Conductor Jack and we went to check out the show. It was so fun and Evie loved listening to the music with Jacob while sharing a large bowl of Cheerios. They also enjoyed munching on a delicious raspberry oatmeal bar. AHHHH! It was so good - the best thing that I have had all week. Maybe I will go back to get a few more for the house. We ran into a few friends that were enjoying Conductor Jack too. Check out his site for more information.

   We were so close to Pump it Up that we decided to check it out too. It's another free activity but our kiddos were not impressed at all. Nashville has so many fun, free or at least inexpensive things to do with young children. We came home and played outside for a little bit. Then Evie ate lunch and napped for three hours.

    She was so happy after her nap! We played and read a few books before leaving for our errands. Evie loved the pen at the Post Office. She thought it was so fun to put it in and out of the hole.

    We came home and played outside for two hours. It was a gorgeous day. Carl came home and we took a walk around the neighborhood. Evie LOVES her swing suddenly in the past few days. She gets really mad when it's time to get out. It has to be her idea to get out of the swing. Clearly, she has a lot of opinions these days.  

    We had a nice family dinner. I tried a new recipe - it's so easy that you may not even call it a recipe. Take a few chicken breasts throw them in the crockpot with some honey mustard dressing. Excellent but I overcooked mine a little since I was too busy playing outside with Evie. My salad was a hit with Evie. She just loves lettuce. We think she must be growing because she ate so much at dinner and has developed her taste for vegetables again. She could not get enough broccoli, lettuce or tomato tonight. We just kept giving it to her until she let us know that she was full.

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