Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gymboree Day!

Evie was up bright and early at 6:30 this morning. She was ready for her nap at 8:30 and I was too. Mommy did not have naptime though because the plumber was coming. Most of the water has been pumped out of our crawlspace and a sump pump has been installed to get the rest. Our neighbor had water gushing through her brand-new roof. AHH, that is so much worse than a crawlspace. None of this compares to the pain and suffering of thousands of people in the Nashville area. We are very grateful for the minimal damage but most of all we are thankful for each other. Nothing really matters except your family but I sure would be sad to lose all of our pictures.

   Evie was so excited to be back at Gymboree! We took a break for a bit but decided to go back for the summer. Jacob and Evie seemed to really like it although it was a bit crazy for the moms. There were so many people in class today so we enrolled in the Wednesday class. Evie seemed to pick up right where she left of and was so happy to be there. It was fun to see her walking around and experimenting with all of the cool set-ups. Jacob really liked the balls and the basketball goal. Kristin said that Evie is not scared of anything as she went flying off the airlog. It's true she has a zest for life and keeps us on our toes.

    After Gymboree, we went to the mall for lunch. Evie had a two minute meltdown. Not sure what was wrong but it passed. Maybe she does not like pizza? She perked up to eat her fruit and a few of Jacob's Cheerios. Other people's food always tastes better. Kristin and I had a few returns to make and the kids enjoyed their stroll around the mall. It was so cute to see them holding hands and "chatting" with each other. We had a great time! Evie chatted with me all the way home. She'd say Mama and I'd say Evie and she would laugh hysterically. Then, we had a little pattern going. She'd say Mama, Mama, Mama and I'd say Evie, Evie, Evie! So much fun! It's the little things in life that entertain my sweet girl.

    Evie was exhausted from her busy day. She slept another two hours this afternoon. We ran a few errands this afternoon and enjoyed a delicious cookie from the Puffy Muffin. Evie LOVES bakeries just like her Mama. She started pointing to all of the delicious treats right when we walked in the door. I love all of the shops in this area so we checked out a few while we were there. Hot Pink is my favorite.

       Carl was here when we got home and he took Evie jogging. I prepared dinner. We had grilled shrimp with a marinade of garlic, lemon juice, honey, and Dijon mustard. Super easy and healthy!

     Evie was extra sweet at bedtime. She is such a snugglebug. We were doing our prayers and she was just starring at me as if I was the most magnificent person in the world. She just melts our heart!

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  1. What a perfect day!! Y'all are just the sweetest family ever. I'm so thankful you all did not have a lot of damage.


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