Friday, May 21, 2010


Evie is as happy as a clam with her new grill and table set. It really keeps her occupied which is an added benefit for us! She was so proud of her new table last night. Carl came home from work and Evie ran to the door to greet him like she always does. He picked her up for a hug and kiss and she started pointing towards the foyer. Evie was insistent that her Daddy needed to come check out her table at that very moment. It's so funny to see her carry the chairs from room to room and this morning we colored and ate played play-dough. I love the toddler stage! She is so fun and full of life. Everything is so new and her excitement is contagious. It's so wonderful to watch her explore her surroundings. She was quite interested in climbing a little mound in the backyard but it probably felt like a hill to her. Once she got up there, she sat right down and started playing with the dirt. She pushed her giraffe riding toy up and down the driveway with so much determination.

    Carl put her grill together and she thinks that is so fun. We cooked together this afternoon. I have a feeling her burgers may have come out better than my new recipe. Our sweet baby is gone but that's okay we have a toddler full of life to spend our days with now.

    I was watching the Today show this morning and she came to sit in my lap. Apparently, she thinks gorillas are really exciting. She laughed and pointed as they frolicked across our television screen. I am so glad she is still such a good snuggle bug! We went on a walk after dinner. Evie took her milk and her cracker. She loves to go for walks! Evie was so dirty so bathtime was next on the agenda. Carl and I are looking forward to a few days with our sweet girl. Happy Friday!

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  1. Kurt and I were just looking at play kitchens tonight at Toys R Us. I think that might be her big Christmas present this year! She is a doll, as always!


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