Thursday, May 27, 2010

Picnic at Ellington!

Evie and I had a low-key morning at home. She took a cat-nap, played with her toys, read a few books, had  a snack and generally had a great time. We cuddled up in the bed together under the piles of covers and read a big stack of books.It was perfect cuddling my sweet girl and reading her all of her favorite stories. Toddlers have such a nice life. Although, I must say, being a mom is pretty fun job too most of the time.

Melissa and George had us over for a picnic at Ellington and it was so fun. Jacob and Kristin came too! We found the perfect place to sit under a big tree so we had plenty of shade. You should have seen us toting our kids, food, picnic stuff, portable high chairs and diaper bags through the parking lot. It was hysterical but totally worth the fuss to enjoy the company of friends while enjoying a fabulous lunch. George is such a laid-back baby. He barely made a sound and was perfectly content munching on his sandwich. Evie and Jacob thought it was all great fun investigating each others chairs, checking out the scenery and scoring a delicious cookie.

 Melissa had the most scrumptious sandwiches. I had two - one turkey with brie and one club. YUMMY! Evie was pretty impressed with her avocado cream cheese sandwiches too. I had never thought to try that with Evie but you just throw some avocado in the food processor with a little cream cheese. Trust me it is divine! Grownups would like it too or at least I did.

 Evie is on a roll with her eating again. I was getting a little worried but she has certainly made up for her lack of appetite in the past few days. We wanted to go to see the horses but the kiddos were ready for a nap. It's so comical to see us getting back to our house. I am doing everything I can to keep Evie awake and then once we get home doing everything to get her to sleep. It took her a minute to switch gears but she settled right into her crib for a nice long nap. She loves her naptime and mommy does too.

     Our shutters are finally being painted! It has taken forever to get Bob back out here with the flooding, the rain and just aligning schedules in general. I cannot wait to see how they look when he is finished. Anything will be better than maroon since maroon is not my favorite color. True story, I did not want to go to North Carolina State University because I did not like their colors. They were red and black but University of North Carolina's Tarheel blue seemed so much prettier. I ended up going to the College of Charleston even though there colors are pretty close to maroon. I am laughing as I type because this makes no sense but believe me it made sense to me when I was eighteen. Oh, how things have changed! College of Charleston was the perfect place for me.

   Evie woke up in a really good mood. We had fun playing and I even had a chance to watch Oprah. Evie was busy pushing her baby around in the grocery cart. I wonder where she has seen that before! Then, she took a little dip in her pool with her clothes on. Evie did not like the little pieces of grass sticking to her feet at all. She spent most of the time trying to pick them off the bottom of her sweet little feet.

      Carl got home and we admired the shutters for a bit. They look sooooooooooo much better. It's a huge difference. Bob finished the first floor windows this afternoon and will be back in the morning to complete the job. He says the shutters were brown so I guess it's all in your perspective.  We went for a walk to the park and now Evie is in bed. Carl is mowing the grass and I am enjoying some quiet time before cooking dinner. We are getting so excited about our Memorial Day trip to South Carolina.I even heard that someone got me some glass bottled coke. Evie will be thrilled to see both sets of grandparents. Yesterday, we we were talking about her Nana and Ipop and she went to the door to point for them. Such a sweet girl! It's going to be a fun weekend. I really do love living in Tennessee but I'd rather be in Carolina! Just like the song.

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  1. Have a great weekend. Evie looks so cute in blus and yellow.


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