Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fun with the Fam!

Evie slept until almost 8:30 this morning! What a treat for us! She stayed up for a little while and then took a really long morning nap. Carl and I both had a chance to relax and catch up from our crazy week.

   I was upstairs and heard someone knocking on the door. Since, I was still in my pajama's I decided not to answer it. They kept knocking and knocking. I peeked to see who it was and was surprised to see our two neighbors. Carl was mowing the grass so they came to ask him where Evie was because they had something to give her.They had brought Evie a kitty house. Carl told them that Evie was napping and they could either come back or leave it for her. Erin told Carl that she preferred to leave it. Evie went straight for it when she woke up and has loved playing with it.

     Carl blew up her baby pool from last summer. Evie was not so sure about it probably because the water was freezing. She played on the perimeter occasionally sticking her hands in or tossing her ball into the water. I brought a large pitcher of boiling water outside to try and warm it up a little. It worked and Evie got a lot more comfortable in the pool. She loved playing with the funnel and we bought her a little boat at Target that will be fun too. Bathing suits apparently run quite small. Evie wore her new suit for the first and last time this afternoon. It was so tight on her and then the little strap snapped while she was splashing in the pool.

      Several people had told us about a place called P.D's in Franklin. They specialize in home decorating. I have wanted to go check it out but it is not stroller accessible. Carl and I took Evie this afternoon. They had a lot of stuff but nothing that popped out for me. I think it's the kind of place you go without a baby and without a specific item in mind. Not the kind of place to go if you know you need something to hang in your kitchen or a new lamp for your bedroom kinda of place. I'll go back soon without Evie!

     Carl hung our Pawleys Island hammock this afternoon. Evie and I supervised the project. We have not had our hammock out since we lived in Raleigh but we are back in business. We all piled in the hammock and Evie thought it was really fun. It will be a great spot to hang out but we have to get rid of those pesky mosquitoes. I got my first bite!

     We grilled burgers for dinner and Evie grilled right along with her Daddy. It's a beautiful night perfect for eating outside. Evie loves dining alfresco and ate better than she has all week. Although, way more food is landing on the floor than in her mouth. I hosed off the patio while Carl bathed Evie. She's sound asleep after her busy day.

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  1. I love the way you phrase things: "Carl hung our Pawley's Island hammock this afternoon. Evie and I supervised the project." So funny!!

    I think it's adorable that Evy grills next to Carl. I love it!


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