Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reading Blitz!

Evie was back to two naps today which worked out perfectly because it gave me a chance to finish, The Help. That was an excellent, thought-provoking  book and it was her first published novel. It was the best 464 pages that I have read in a long time. Can't wait to see what else Kathryn Stockett comes out with because it will surely be worth reading. Now, I need to get some work done in the next few days since I spent the last two days reading.

   Evie had her Gymboree class with Jacob this morning. She was so excited to be there. I need to take the video camera to catch her giggles and squeals. She made another mommy nervous today as she practically leaped off the slide. Evie is a bit of a daredevil but she is a careful one at that.

    Kristin and I took the kids to lunch at Whole Foods after class. It was delicious. I had a turkey-avocado wrap and Evie had fruit with chicken salad. We shared some potato chips because what's a sandwich without some potato chips. I love our little outings but neither one of is able to concentrate 100% on our conversation as we work to dodge flying fruit, wipe runny noses and keep the noise level to a reasonable level.

     Evie took a bit to settle down for her nap but she was just chatting away to herself. She finally fell asleep and did not wake up until after 4. That put her in a cranky mood but she brightened up when she saw a package that came for her in the mail. Wait until you see her new outfit that her Nana made for her. It's darling! Evie took everything in and out of the box for 15 minutes. She was quite impressed with the bubble wrap and thought it made the most delightful noise. Anything to keep her entertained!

    Carl came home just in time for a walk to the park. Evie pointed out all the airplanes, bunny rabbits and dogs along the way. She helped Carl grill some pork chops for dinner and then we had a family dinner. It's so much easier to eat with her now. She ate everything on her tray tonight and thought the buttered peas were a real treat. We went outside for a Popsicle. It was so fun hanging out with our sweet girl together even though all three of were a hot sticky mess.

   Happy Anniversary  to my parents, Nana and Ipop! We hope you had a special day.

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