Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dinner with Friends!

We had a busy day! My phone was scheduled to arrive on Monday which did not work for me since I am leaving on Monday morning. So, I spent the better part of an hour chatting with Fed-Ex and Verizon. It was quite frustrating. I decided to run out to the Verizon store and it was flooded. They were selling phones in the parking lot. It was CRAZY! Sheldon helped me out and made it worth my while for coming out to the store. However, my lack of phone was quickly put into perspective while chatting with a lady who had lost her home in the flood. My phone just died since it gets so much use. I felt so much better once I had a working phone. It is amazing how dependent we are on phones and their various components such as address books. My entire list of contacts was erased when my phone took it's tumble. That's okay, I'd rather the phone take a tumble than Evie!

   Evie took a great nap, Carl mowed the grass and I made a chocolate pie. My first chocolate pie since Evie was born so it was a real treat to prepare it. We had dinner with the Porter's this evening! It was so much fun. Kristin made all kinds of delicious dishes. I loved the guacamole and the tortellini salad. Evie loved the guacamole too as evidenced by the smear of green from head to toe on both of us. Jimmy made some fabulous ribs. YUMMY! Food always tastes better with friends. Carl and Jimmy really enjoyed seeing the kids in action with each other. Jacob and Evie seem to really like each other and they showed off for their Daddies. They ran around the back yard, ate snacks, held hands during dinner and played on Jacob's tiger. They did great staying up past their bedtimes. Evie just went down and I can hear her chatting to herself.

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