Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

It's been a rainy weekend but is sure has been relaxing listening to the rain pitter-patter on the roof.  Evie has had a ball running around on the porch. We did not leave the house yesterday. Carl and his dad left to play golf but only made it through 3.5 holes. Evie played with her baby on the porch. She just loves her baby. Evie took a really long nap and I read. Sheila's sweet friend Pam came over to see Evie. Pam thought Evie was pretty cute and we enjoyed a salmon ball that Sheila made earlier in the day. Evie prefers her dip without the cracker so She She gave Evie a bowl of dip. Evie thought this was really great! 

Carl and I took Evie down the tram to the lake to see the boat. Evie was not sure about the tram but she liked looking at the boat. She loved watching all the boats speed by all weekend. It was so cute to see her pointing at them while standing in her tip toe on the porch.  Carl and Tony grilled hamburgers for dinner. They were delicious. If you live near a Fresh Market, you should try them, we had the mushroom and cheese variety. Carl does not even care for mushrooms and he thought it was yummy too.

     It stopped raining long enough for us to go to the pool this morning. Evie thought it was really fun to walk up and down the step into the baby pool. She gets more adventurous with each visit to the pool. Poppy swam some laps and Evie was enthralled with his strokes. A little boy named Kyle came to the pool and Evie followed him around a little bit. He was two and had a 1 year old baby brother at home. Goodness, I bet that mama is busy. Evie was getting tired so we came back home. Sheila was at yoga so Tony picked her up. We all met back at their house. Carl made Evie a grilled cheese for lunch and she was ready for bed. Sheila and Tony kept an ear out for Evie while we went to the market for a quick bite to eat. Carl and I had not been out to lunch alone in over a year. It was such a treat. We had the best sandwiches: turkey and bacon on sourdough bread. Carl and I shared a cup of ice cream for dessert. It was so fun to get out with my husband for a bit. We can hardly remember our life before we became parents.  Evie did not even know that we were gone. Thanks for babysitting She She and Poppy! Evie slept for 3.5 hours so I know she was totally exhausted.

    We were planning to take her back to the pool after her nap but it started raining again so we stayed on the porch. Evie keeps everyone entertained. Tony made dinner for everyone. It was chicken sausage with onions and peppers. It was really good! Evie went to bed and we sat outside a bit. It's been so rainy but still so nice to get away for a bit. We have had a wonderful, relaxing trip! I have been able to get some good reading in and Carl has had a chance to recharge his batteries.  Evie has had so much fun with her grandparents and has loved having her Daddy with her so much. Poppy taught her to high five and she is so proud of herself.  We are heading back to Nashville tomorrow. Let's hope for an easy, uneventful trip back to the Volunteer state. 


  1. She's adorable, as always! Glad y'all had a fun weekend!

  2. Glad you had a great trip!

    Evie is definitely a girl I'd like...who needs crackers when you can just have a bowl of dip?! I love it! :)


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