Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Evie and I went swimming this morning with her little friends, Brody and Jayden. She had a great time swimming around in the pool. It was the perfect place to take her because they have a little pool and a big pool. We went back and forth between the two. It felt so good soaking in the cool water and holding my slippery little girl. She loved twirling around in the water while I held her hands. Swimming makes for really great naps too! I think we will go swimming again soon.

     Evie and I took a trip to Kroger. She loves to point at each and every car while saying car. I think she's so proud. Then, she gets really excited about all the balloons in the store. Balloons are one of her favorite things about grocery shopping. Of course, cookies are her most favorite part! Kroger does not offer free cookies so I took a snack with us. Evie knew right where the cookies should be since that's where they are at Publix. She pointed and pointed while saying cracker! Sweet girl, cookies are way better than crackers. I put her water in my bag and it leaked everywhere. Luckily, my cell phone was in the pocket safe from the excess H20. That must be why some moms tote their cellphones in Ziploc bags.

      Evie and I made some brownies this afternoon. She was such a good helper even though the mixer made her a bit nervous. She really liked licking the beaters but of course she would because that's my favorite part too. Brownies from scratch always taste good!

     I had some pita and hummus ready for a little snack when Carl got home. We sat outside and enjoyed ourselves while watching Evie get into everything. I am about to head out for a Mom's Night Out with my sweet friends from my MOMS club (Moms offering Moms Support)! I am really looking forward to trying a new restaurant and having fun with the other mommies. Evie is ready for bed after our exciting day! Carl sounds so sweet in there getting her ready for bed.

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  1. Hope you had a great time tonight. She is so cute. I love that she knows where she should be getting a cookie. I remember a local grocery store in town used to do that when I was little and that was always our first stop.


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