Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sweet Girl!

Evie and I had such a fun day together. She is such a little explorer and is so interested in everything I do. Tasks that seem so mundane to me are fascinating to her. We went to the rec center this morning and Evie cried when I left her. Heartbreaking! Luckily, there were three little girls walking down the hall when I was walking out. I told one of them that my little girl would be so excited to see her. Well, when I picked Evie up, they told me she loved those girls. She did not look all that happy to me but that's because she was having a diaper issue. Not sure why the ladies did not notice since it was quite apparent. I hopped in the shower and Evie decided that she wanted me to read her a book at that very moment. She was not so happy to hear that I could not read her the book so she decided that Barnyard Banter needed to come in for a little dip. Luckily, I was able to rescue the book from the water.

Evie was so happy to be in Gymboree class today. Miss Rachel told Evie that she was having a ball! Evie just heard ball and started scanning the room for a ball. She also told me that Evie was going to be the life of the party with her personality. HA! That comment was before Evie got mad because she preferred the sled to doing the freeze with the rest of the group. She's only one after all so it did not really bother me. Kids are all over the place and it's not developmentally apporpaite to keep one years old on task.

   We came home for lunch and naptime. Evie seems to be growing another tooth because her nose is running a lot and she is a little cranky. She had a hard time settling down for her nap but then slept for a good long stretch.We played at home for a bit before going to Target for a diaper run. I bought Evie a new ball. They were all out of pink so Evie chose the purple one. It's almost bigger than she is but she held it in the cart except when it fell 100 times as we finished our shopping. Next, we headed to Whole Foods to get a few things. A lady came up to me and told me that Evie was so beautiful that she did not look real that she looked like a doll. I assured the lady that Evie was indeed very real but that I appreciated her kind words. 

      We came home and played outside for a bit. Evie was so excited to play with her ball. It was so hot that we had to come inside. We had so much fun being together. I love how Evie understands so much now and will follow simple directions. She hugs me a lot and tries to get me to kiss her Raffi. I am really enjoying this age watching Evie grow before my eyes.

     Evie's teeth still seemed to be bothering her so I gave her a little medicine. She perked right up after her bath so we played in her room. Evie loves to sort items into containers that have lids. She put her magnetic letters in and out of an old wipe box for almost thirty minutes while I sorted her clothes and organized her drawers. It's so sad that she is growing out of so many of her clothes and that we are getting closer to the size 2 section in her closet. My baby is growing up too fast!

        Evie usually goes right to bed but was not so interested in sleeping tonight. I had to go in her room twice which is extremely unusual for her. She misses her Daddy so much and cries whenever she hears the word Daddy. It's so sad. Thank goodness that Daddy is coming back soon!

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