Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ducks, Doctor and Dancing

Evie seems to be back to napping twice a day. Funny girl likes to keep me on my toes. She wore her new duck outfit today that her Nana made for her. It turned out so cute and Evie looks especially adorable in it. Thanks Nana for making Evie such a sweet little outfit. Evie is my little duckling following me wherever I go so ducks were a good choice for her.

     We had Gymboree this morning. Evie had fun learning about high and low. She walked on a high beam, crossed a bridge and did the freeze. Jacob brought his Daddy to class with him. It was so funny to see how adventurous he was with his Daddy. Ms. Rachel told Evie she thought she was losing interest in class because it had been a few minutes since she did her happy squeal. Not to worry, Evie did her happy squeal!

    I had to wake Evie for her ear check. She got a great report. Dr. E said that she made an amazing recovery which makes me wonder even more if she even had an ear infection. Evie was not exactly thrilled to be at the doctor but she did pretty good. Her favorite part was waiting for the doctor. We waited for a long time so I am glad she thought it was so fun. She walked around the waiting room and made friends with a few of the children. We even met a little girl who was attacked by a chocolate lab. She had lots of stitches. It was so sad! Evie was really interested in her juice cup because it had pink handles.

     Evie and I came home to prepare dinner. I was so impressed that Evie sat in her highchair, ate a few frozen peas and colored while I got dinner started. She's such a big girl now! Be sure to notice who is coloring with her. Raffi is always close by! Carl came home and Evie ran to see her Daddy. They had a little dance party in the den. Evie really likes dancing. They danced to Alan Jackson because we do live in Nashville!

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  1. I love that Carl has the lovey while they're dancing...kinda reminds me of Peyton a little bit.

    Her outfit is adorable!

    The one nap/two nap thing is a big issue at our house right now, too! I know most kids her age are down to one and some days that's all that will work with our schedule, but I really feel like she's in a better mood if she has two short ones, instead of one long one!


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